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The Fashionization of Islam

Originally Published on Jihad Watch Again our Western world media has just celebrated #WorldHijabday, while in the Islamic world,  hundreds of Iranian women are...


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  1. Anni, I just watched you on YouTube and wanted to tell you how inspiring and brave you are. You are a survivor! Thank you for your story and fighting for young girls and women in general. It is so hard to believe that anyone would think it is okay to treat another human being in the ways depicted. It’s frankly baffling. I will lift you up in prayer asking God to guide and protect you because I’m sure what you do is very risky! Thank you for your voice!


  2. I feel what you are saying and know it is true. My girlfriend left me because of what I believe, and my family has ditched me as well. Keep up the good work! The truth cannot be silenced.

    • If your girlfriend left you for your belief system consider it a bullet dodged! Sorry for your sadness but believe me, better to be sad for a month or so than mad for a lifetime. God just cleared the path for a real gal to step up! Wishing you all of the best!

    • Hi, Kevin. Can you elaborate a little bit more about what you are going through? Your name doesn’t seem to represent a Muslim or Islamic Ideology. I hope I haven’t offended you, but I’m just Curious…

  3. Anni, I really enjoyed your talk with Laura Loomer this afternoon. Although the topics are gut wrenching given all that is happening in our world today, it is good to know that my guts aren’t the only ones wrenched. One question I had hoped to ask you and Ms. Loomer was, why is it that there is such a cooperative relationship between the leftist and what I will call Political Islam (because I am a student of Dr. Bill Warner)? On its surface it would appear that one evil hand needs another.

    I am deeply concerned for our citizens who are remaining in Afghanistan. They have clearly been abandoned by their own government and zero planning apparently ever entered the pointed little heads of our Administration, or they were intended to be pawns in a situation that could well lead to another World War. The French, the Brittish and likely others were caught sitting on their hands when our dummy elected for this tactical retreat. Sept. 11th is the cut off date established by the Taliban, I hate to think what will happen after that.

    Blessings to you and Ms. Loomer

  4. Anni,

    You are amazing! You have more understanding of world events than many of our US generals! Being a convert to Christianity from the Muslim world, I’m sure you have a fair understanding of the lunar calendar chronology of the Scriptures. Maybe some time you will be willing to explain this to us in greater detail.

    On the morning of Tuesday, Elul 23, 2001, around 7:30 am local time here in Mesa County, Colorado I was attending an AA meeting in downtown Grand Junction.

    As the conversation was passed around the room, it was, of course, later in the morning in Manhattan, NY. One of the attendees made mention of the fact that some buildings were being attacked in Manhattan, NY.

    When the meeting ended I went directly to my place of work, where we owned a small manufacturing company, making musical instruments. To my surprise the whole place was locked down. Men with guns strapped to their waist had sniffer probes, looking under vehicles, etc. Hours later we were all told to that President Bush had ordered that everybody leave the facilities until further notice.

    Quite a strange set of circumstances, considering all we were doing there was making folk harps! There were tracks close by, and for a time it seemed I had just stepped off the Rod Sterling’s train and entered the zone of twilight!

    It was some weeks later that I finally understood why there were security people walking around, giving everybody marching orders. One morning I walked into one of production rooms. A man was there, badge on his chest, speaking to our employees.

    He looks at me and said, “I was just explaining to your staff that it was in this very room in the 1940’s that the development research took place for the construction of “Little Boy!” So the picture became clear. I had accidentally rented a facility that had once housed the western branch of the Manhattan Project of WWII. Somehow the premises had never been taken off the national registry and that’s why George Bush shut it down on 9/11.

    Ironically, only two years before, in 1999, this small business facility had moved to Legacy Way, near the DOE, from the location that is now Tina Peters Office, near the Justice Center, here in Mesa County.

    Almost forgot my original point. The date of 9/11, 2001, was Elul 23 on the lunar calendar of the Bible. One week later, also on Tuesday, the Day of Trumpets was declared, as prescribed by Leviticus 23:23. Tuesday is fairly rare for the Day of Trumpets. It only falls on that weekday about 23 times in a 200 year period.

    So it was the event of Tuesday, Elul 23, 2001 that actually got us into the 20 year war in Afghanistan. Amazing that this year the Day of Trumpets also falls on Tuesday (9/7), which places the US date of exit on Tuesday, Elul 23, August 31st, next week. So we are exiting on the same day that got us into this very costly enterprise, now some 20 years ago!

    harpmaker7 (Rumble)

  5. Annie, I am an ex-NSA Arabic Crypto analyst/interagator/intelligence analyst/counter intelligence DesertStorm veteran. You don’t stop and know there are 15 million of us veterans who are connected to you heart and soul.

  6. You speak clearly and with an accent, and I love that. May God Bless you for your work that your doing. I’m glad that you came to America. I pray that we can get our freedom back. Biden is a trader!

  7. Hello, Anni Cyrus,

    The withdraw from Afghanistan is not as it seems. The Biden-Obama Regime are actually in collusion with the Iran Muslim Brotherhood.

    The withdrawal was not in actually A Withdrawal, but left due to an agreement plan between the Iran Muslim Brotherhood and the Biden-Obama Regime.

    The giveaway was the pull out of JUST the Military personnel, but the handing over ALL The Military hardware, classified Material and leaving ALL Americans behind and ONLY Airlifting out MUSLIM Afghanistan’s who are not in actuality Refugees but Islam Terrorists.

    Bellow is the Text of one upload I did on WND and Laughingly called Daily Trump Report who called it Spam and deleted it.
    I am not the best writer so please forgive the not so good english grammar and comprehend what I was stating. I welcome your feedback Anni Cyrus.

    When are you all going to understand that the Obama-Biden Regime are apart of the Jihad? Obama is known as a Muslim Islamist Jihadi! The Communist Obama-Biden Regime Support Jihad and I am not at all surprised of the Islam Muslim Jihadi Shooting in Texas. I predict The Next shooting will be in State that do not go along with the Communist Islamist Regime in the WH and Congress, Florida and other Conservitive states that do not support the Obama-Biden Regime in the False Flag PLANdemic, the open borders to bring in more Jihad Terrorist Gurrilla Fighters for the Islam Terrist cells maintained by the CIA or The Communist destributing illegal criminal aliens!

    The “Military Personnel Only” withdrawal from Afghanistan was planned just as the Stolen Election by the CCP, Iran and other Communist Countries collaborating together to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.



    It is common knowledge among those not brainwashed by the false flag communist pandemic that the Obama-Biden including congress regime colluded with our enemies to leave everything behind in Afghanistan including All Americans Citizens for the use of the Iran Muslim Islam Brotherhood Taliban.

    The Obama-Biden Regime left ALL Military Bases, Embassy, Military Equipment and Weapons intact. This includes ALL Computer Systems completely powered up which include Classified databases and CLASSIFIED Military Equipment! All the enemy had to do was sit in the seat and know ALL About our military classified capability.

    The active databases left behind included where ALL the Americans families were located, where ALL the support people are, where even the local “assets” (Spies) are. It will not be long before they are murdered. The children and young women are taken as sex slaves or killed. Many of them will have a gun put to their head literally and by FORCE told to accept Satan Allah and the false prophet mahammad the rapist, butcher, murderer, Child molester Pedophile; OR YOU WILL BE SHOT OR BEHEADED for refusing. Escape from death For some child marriage If the accept Satan Allah and of the young women the same. This is the real Islam Muslim religion of the gun! ACCEPT OR DIE! Shariah AKA Law is actually enslavement of the Mind and Body of deadly fear!

    Many years ago a Military General Realized that A Muslim that even touched pork would go to hell! So this wise Military General told his Muslim enemies that his ammo was coated in pig lard and proceeded to kill 50 Muslims with that ammo. Because of this he avoided a war. The Muslims surrendered. Muslims respected strength of their enemies, but Politicians who are cowards and try to talk Muslims into submitted will be the ones who submit as talking head tongue wagging cowards. Muslims lie as well or better then politians to get what they want and literally stab you when you turn your back to them.

    There is a story told that 21 diplomats went to converse with “Muslim Deligates” and when they arrived were all killed. The Muslims do not negociate with diplomats who are coming to negociate there surrender, they kill the weak like a lion who stocks the weaklings trailing behind the herd! Muslims patiently wait for their chance and kill their pray at their weakest!










  8. Thank you so much for inspiring us all. We have become so fat, happy and soft that it takes immigrants to remind us how good we have it and we need to rise up and keep our freedom. Thank you for speaking out, we will be praying for you and your mission.

  9. I take great Offence to the fool who thinks that he can moderate the First Amendment of The U.S. Constitution and The Bill Of Right of Which the “UnAbridged” First Amendment is apart. Those who do are an enemy of American Citizens of this Great United States Constitutional Republic and are in League with the Communist and the Muslim Islamist attacking this Great Country The United States Constitutional Republic of Which Belongs to The Lord God and are in agreement with the Satan’s Evil of Iranian Muslim Brotherhood and have taken part by association of the act of treason with those in the U.S. Government Communist/ Muslim Brotherhood/ CAIR/CCP and the Collaborators in the shadows within the U.S. Government that includes the Whitehouse, The U.S. Senate and All The Traitorous Governments involved in each of the 50 States!

    Remember this, None of God’s Creation of the flesh Can Stop Or Defeat The Lord Gods Will! NONE. Those who Rebel Against the Lord God Will Reap The Evil Of Rebellion Of Which You have Sown! Attempt it At Your Own Peril for Every Curse Will Come Upon You And They All Lead To Death of The Body and Your Spirit!

    The Lord God of Heaven and Earth guides the true Patriots of The Constitutional Republic of America. To be our enemy is to be The Father God enemy! Only A fool would desire to be the enemy of The Lord God of Heaven and Earth.

    The children of Ishmael (Now Today Called Arabs) child of the slave Hagar (Arabs of which many are of Islam/Muslim who were deceived by Satan through his false prophet mohammad (islam)) will Not Inherit that which The Lord God has ordained that the child Isaac (Israel) of the free woman Sarah would inherit. Satan is attempting to take back what Jesus The Son Of God took back that which Satan took through deceiving Eve (the weaker vessel) in turn deceived Adam because Eve “believed” Satan in serpent form; The Arab/Muslims and true Islam converts under Satan are attempting to retake what Jesus took back by the power of His Resurrection, but will in the end fail and be destroyed when Jesus and the Host of Heaven and the saints Army with him destroys ALL the Armies of the Earth of which will include the Islamist/Muslims and every nation who will not acknowledge Jesus as The Lamb of God of Heaven and Earth!

    I uploaded pertinent facts but it seems that Iran still has a hold of fear on you girl or you would have responded at least with a rebuttal!

    I am aware of who the players are even if you are not.

    I have been around a very long time. When Brannon Howes was a little child, and you were not even thought of.

    You still live in fear of Iran and CAIR Islam coming after you, or you would have responded to my upload and not erase it.

    And no I am not what you fear.

    I am a Minister of The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I fear no one except the Father God. The Creator of Heaven and Earth.

    Not even the China Virus can touch me or my family for my mind body and soul belong to the Lord Thy God in Jesus Name!

    Fear can kill as much as a plague or what you fear the most on this earth!

    If you want to know the one true God I will introduce you to Him through the Lord Jesus Christ God’s Son. The way to the father God is only through HIS Son Jesus Christ. IN HIM you will find protection and Godly peace that you seek.

    I speak the truth and have zero interest in the foolishness of pride, arrogance and stupidity of politics. Politics is the lies of Propaganda fool attempting to play the role of God!

    Erasing my uploads will not stop the Power of God and His Will!

    In Jesus Name,
    Minister King

  10. According to real history mohammad satans prophet was executed for his crimes hundreds of year ago, and his “lieutenant” continued in his footsteps of pure evil.

    Mohammad died and is in hell awaiting final judgment before the Great White Throne of The Son Of God Jesus. Mohammad final condemnation awaits his spirit in the Lake Of Fire. This is not some “religious” statement but a fact from a true born again man of God who walks with The Lord Your God in His Holy Spirit!

    Minister King

  11. According to real history mohammad satans prophet was executed for his crimes hundreds of year ago, and his “lieutenant” continued in his footsteps of pure evil.

    Mohammad died and is in hell awaiting final judgment before the Great White Throne of The Son Of God Jesus. Mohammad final condemnation awaits his spirit in the Lake Of Fire. This is not some “religious” statement but a fact from a true born again man of God who walks with The Lord Your God in His Holy Spirit!

  12. Dear Anni,

    You are a very courageous Warrior Patriot! May your example of bravery inspire all who hear you. And now, I believe God has put on my heart to share the Aaronic blessing to you, my sister in Christ: “May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of our fathers, may the LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you His peace” (Numbers 6: 22-27). Amen! In Jesus holy Name!

  13. The Islamic practice of an adult male Muslim having a marriage with a little girl who is only a child is clearly seen by most Westerners as a blatant action of child abuse of the vilest sort.

    Nevertheless this heinous Islam tradition is accepted as “normal “in most of the Islamic world. Therefore, this may serve as an example of how the influence of Islam is able to warp the cogitation of the human mind to the extent that a person who is a Muslim might not be able to understand the obvious difference between right and wrong.

    Such an awful thing as not having the discerning mental power to seethe clear difference is described in the Bible. For in Isaiah 5:20. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…” [N.K.J.V.]

  14. Anni:
    We love you and pray for your protection and healing. You are such a lovely young woman, we also pray for true love for you from a man who truly wants to love, honor and cherish you.

    Since you are so knowledgeable, what do you think about a coordinated effort during all the MLB opening day games across the country upcoming around April 7th….just a few weeks?

    Pls make a comment….we watch you on Brannon’s reports.

  15. Hi again Annie!

    This is William Newman, your brother in the family of God and believers in Jesus Christ.

    After I read what I wrote, I noticed many typos I want to indicate to you for correct:

    Please go to paragraph 2, line 4. Please change” reported” to prevented.

    Love and LIght in the name of Jesus Christ

    Please go to the third paragraph at the end of line 3. Please tchange to….. “now in heaven

  16. Not sure if my reply went to you. I’ll try again. Just discovered you on Frankspeek. Thank you for your bold witness to “Christians” and Muslims.
    Please see my challenge in the Warnings box at CensoredEvidence, especially 2-page essay titled: What Does It Mean to be Saved?

    Thank you for your Christian witness!

    Jerry Kelley

  17. Anni, Where did you get your black camo MAGA cap? It goes great with your awesome black hair! My wife and I love to watch your show…
    thank’s for all you do.
    Kind regards,
    John & Cindy

  18. Dear Aynaz Anni Cyrus

    Maybe it is time to counter-act all those domination-wannabees from the islam when it comes to those muslims that want to get some kind of law in place that would muzzle / shut-up / submit to that idiotic islam. By simple also put in place all kinds of new law-requests that would make it illegal to put any anti-islam-laws in place or even talk about them…..!! Since they all are conflicting with all elements of Freedom and Humanity ! So, the next time some soup-dress is shouting that his “religion” has been spoken against and the whole World should suffer the consequences….,he will have to go to jail !! Done! Now, just find 1 politician that would have the balls to do so…!

  19. Here is another little suggestion that would make a difference…! Find indeed just 1 upright politician that would have the balls to stand up during a big session in the senate and ask that muslim-“woman oal”just one (1) simple question….! Ask her ,or any other muslim there, to explain to the American People what according to their koran should be done with those that will nót submit to islam….???? Spoiler-alert; she / he has to explain that they all will be killed or made slaves !! I guess muslim can lie about everything to non-muslims, but as far as I know they are nót allowed to lie about what is written in that satans-booklet…! So, let America know that they are destined to be killed or made slaves when islam gets that power in hand.!!

  20. Anni,

    During your show today, you were asking about how you could get more Americans to react to the Islamic dehumanization of women. I am not a PR expert, but I think bringing this issue up during the midterm election just might work. Representative Omar has a Republican running against her (Royce White). He was an NBA player and is a MAGA candidate. If I was him, I would be tagging Omar with the sins of her ideology on a daily basis. If you gave him a briefing on the atrocities endorsed by Islam, he might be happy to make it an issue.

    She has already changed her date of birth (to make her citizenship legal?) and supposedly married her brother, so it is high time that she be called out for the truth about the principles of her faith.

    I really enjoy your show, even though I have not been around many Muslims since my deployment to Iraq.

  21. Dear Anni, I am praying for you, I love you and I feel like you are a sister of mine. I don’t want them to take you back, to Iran, I want you guarded, Biden and Obama are the devil.

  22. I first heard you through Brannon’s shows. Thank you for speaking out about the dangers we face through the spread and tolerance of Muslims in America. I formerly lived in Dearborn MI which used to have the largest Muslim population in the world outside of their native country. I even dated a young man from Lebanon for a very short time. By the grace of God, who I did not know at the time, He gave me the insight to quickly get out of that relationship. I saw the changes the Muslims brought to my once beloved city. When I moved from there I told people I moved back to America. When I tell them of what happened to Dearborn they look at me as if I am crazy. MSM will not cover any of the information you tell us. Please keep on educating us. I am sure you are gaining new listeners all the time but even your regulars need to keep hearing what is happening around the world and here too because as you also point out it is coming to America sooner than we think. God bless you Anni, my heart and prayers go out to you.

  23. Well i listened to you,You were very good on all parts.I live in Canada and many muslims were brought into Our country.I was never Racist in my life and i understand that many came to Our to take over what we worked for all our lives.I even had my barber that was muslim i thought him as my brother.One day we spoke and he said some things i couldn’t believe.I was very hurt to hear him say WE are here to take over Canada for all the canadians will die from cancer.I never reacted i wanted to but i held my anger.He hated Trump he said to me.I knew when Trudeau allowed 100 of thousands come and take over our homes and stores we were Doomed.I’m retired i worked all my life in Canada. Im 69 now when i turned 65 i got my first cheque that was 1700.00 dollars i couldn’t find a place to live so i lived in my car for 3 years.I helped the homeless on the streets every day. Then i lost my Suppliment money and couldn’t pay my bills lost my credit rating and still trying to get back on my feet.For the last year i only got 999.00 a month I took care of a Girl that was addicted to Crack she was a great person just had a bad problem. Her birthday was june 3rd i Loved her so much but i couldn’t help her get off the drugs.On June 18th i recieved a call from her aunt that she died.I was Heart broken.She just turned 30 years old.Im sorry for getting into all this but it shows you what my government is doing to thier own Citizens of Canada.Yet i have never seen a muslim living on the streets but Canadians are and lots are dying.I never did drugs i dont even drink but i see what the citizens of Canada is going thru as Canada is trying to turn us Communist.My Hero is Donald J. Trump and of course my God.I want to Thank you for being a True American and standing up with Mike Lindell and Trump.We need Women like you Thank You for being a Great Voice for the people..I will watch your videos as often as i can.Thanks Again God Bless you, Mike Lindell and our President D.J.TRUMP

  24. I really appreciate your testimony & zeal for God. I cannot relate on any level of your specific issues but know the evil of a sinful life & the occult before I was Born Again. I do know the transforming power of God in an instant of confessing the name of Jesus, turning instantly from darkness to light. I see that in you & can relate to that side of you.
    Thank You,

  25. Hi, what is this Care,? You and your guests were talking about today, July 14, how do I find out about it . Is it the care’s act? Need to understand, please

  26. Oh, Anni. I am so pissed off at myself. My Husband & I went on Vacation to Clearwater, Fl. We were at the pool & everyone was either in the pool or on one of the lounge seats. Except for one woman who was alone, sitting on a chair in the background, wearing long sleeves, long pants, man-looking shoes and a Hijab, while her (I assume, bc she went to them a couple of times to tell them to calm down) children were playing in the pool. The only skin I saw showing was her face & hands. It was 96 degrees outside. After watching you for many years now, I always thought that I would definitely go up to someone like that & ask her why she chose to wear such garments in such a hot environment, but I chickened out. I was worried that her male ‘guardians’ would see me talking to her & I didn’t want any trouble. This was in July & I’m still kicking myself in the butt for being such a coward!

  27. I just saw this:
    “Who was the 9 year old Afghan girl sold into marriage?”
    A 9-year-old girl was recently rescued from a marriage to an older man in Afghanistan, CNN reported on Thursday. Human rights organization Too Young to Wed assisted in rescuing Parwana Malik after her father, who sold her, and the 55-year-old man who bought her, changed their minds.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I’ll bet you no one was held responsible for this despicable obscenity!!

  28. I know you rarely answer requests, but I just saw you on YouTube and you were introduced by Pastor Scott. Where can we find him? I only have FB & X, so…..


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