Isaac Kight on Israel Defense Against Islamic Afghan and Iran Weapons

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  1. Joe Biden is just mindlessly just continuing in the same old terribly flawed fool and terrible policies of his former boss and chief, Obama, of appeasing favoring that tyrannical cruel and hostile Islamic regime of Iran.

  2. President pretender Biden is a catastrophe and calamity for America and a disaster and tragedy for the American people and a curse upon the State of Israel and her citizens

    In contrast ,Bogus President Biden is a demonic blessing to that aggressive, hostile tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran.

  3. There is no real reason that this hostile Islamic regime of Iran wouldn’t make demands to the United States government since those in power in that Islamic well know and understand that of official “President” of the US is a weak, feeble –minded pro-Islamic un-American socialist. Furthermore, that despicable Joe Biden actually “owes’ much to that “mullah regime” of Iran.

    This is so because those Muslim tyrants of Iran had actually meddled and interfered in the American presidential election by supporting the Biden bid for the Oval Office during the elections year of 2020.

    This is because that mullah president of Iran and others in power well understood that ,unlike President Trump, they would easily be able to control ,manipulate and use as tool wreak and feeble minded Joe Biden to fulfill their Shite Islamic goals.

    So now in the year 2021 is their stooge and useful idiot to archive they want to obtain on their Islamic agenda.

    One of the many reliable sources that will confirm this is the video documentary TRUMP CARD by Dinesh D’ Souza.

  4. That treasonous weak and feeble minded Joe Biden has lifted more sanctions and likewise given more concessions to that aggressive hostile tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran which despites America so much that one of the titles that it gave the United States is “THe Great Satan” and one of its main theme to “Death to America.”

    Indeed that “mullah tyranny” would be glad the the destructions of the US to the degree that Iran’s regime is a “spirit” of a jihad, “holy war ” against America.

    Therefore Biden by lifting sanctions on Iran and even making more concession to it horrible old Joe is “giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war.”

    So Biden is clearly treasonous villain against the United States of America , even much worse than Benedict Arnold

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