Our Goal


    Live Up to Freedom is an LLC, with the expressed purpose of shining light upon global human rights atrocities, which include: the enslavement, rape, and beating of women; child marriages; and pedophilia, which is systemic under Islamic Law (Shari‘ah).  

    We call for freedom to the millions who suffer such human rights violations. We focus on helping women and children, through education, peaceful action, and legal means provided through the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights laws.

     What We Do

    1. Education is our main means of action, achieved through:

    • Social media sharing

    • Analysis of Islamic source documents: Quran, Hadith and Sira, which prove that Islam is an ideology of conquest, not a religion

    • Investigative journalism

    • Public speaking events featuring subject matter experts

    • Video and multi-media presentations

    • Articles

    2. Our secondary focus is direct rescue action, to help locate legal safe havens for victims who have escaped Islam’s tyrannical ideology abroad, as well as inside the United States, or elsewhere in the West. Our experienced international network of volunteers are familiar with humanitarian legal channels, by which these victims can seek freedom and justice in their home countries; and in extreme cases, we can aid them in petitioning for asylum.

    Where Your Donation Goes:

     Beyond any necessary, minimal administration costs incurred by our small team, your donations fund:

    • our educational and advocacy campaigns, video productions, in-depth journalistic research, security, and travel; 
    • and any costs for temporary housing, feeding, relocating and counseling ex-Muslims or other critical abuse victims, if they qualify by our assessment under our high vetting standards, while they are undergoing their legal asylum case work during the approval process.
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    1. Anni: Are you ever available for speaking in the area of Boise, Idaho? We have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get “American Laws for American Courts” passed in our state legislature for over a decade. It did pass the House two years ago but was stopped in the Senate. One problem we face: many of our legislators are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) who feel a special “kinship” with Muslims and think this act would be hateful to the Muslims in our state.

      We need to convince them that Islam is indeed a threat not only to our state and country, but the world. We need to pass this legislation and would love to have you talk to them.

      Thanks for all you do. God Bless.

    2. Aynez, it’s time to get away from the closed minded people in Facebook. I don’t need anything from you. I’ve done very well for myself and like to see women especially succeed. It’s time to reinvent because when you get to know this free social media app. You’ll be able to do your own hosting and grow along with newer platform. I know several hosts and co hosts with a large audience living everywhere around the world. Since the Middle East is a hot topic on Twitter spaces. I’ve encountered multiple people intrigued and very interested learning Islam. Download the Twitter app and contact me on Facebook messenger so I can explain how it works must faster than learning on your own. If you could let me know approximately what nights are good for you. And include in the middle of night sessions for those who stay up all night chatting with people. That way I can give them some idea so they can let everyone know what time. 11 can talk while an unlimited amount can listen. Post your cash and do your thing. We’ll talk later.

    3. Ready the comment above me. Only the first part. MAny people are closed minded. many of us maybe, Just too busy in our lives. Many of us Ain’t stupid. …. ….. WE All been Brain Washed one way or another. and you know this.
      DOn’t give up on us closed minded folks. Don’t you dare.
      Thankyou for you Painfully efforts to help us open our thinking. …
      WIthout The Voice. We can never win.


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