Biden’s Afghanistan Failure Fallout Keeps Hitting America

On Lindell TV, Anni Cyrus and Brannon Howse discuss the ex-presidents’ “Welcome to America” sign for Taliban jihadis and unvetted Muslims with child brides, arming Iran with US weapons, and more aid supplies going to the Islamic conquerors that the Biden cabal left in power and wealth.

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  1. When Joe Biden had ordered the US pullout from Afghanistan that awful action of his that reveals the horrendous folly of his judgement in many tragic ways.

    After all the Americans who died and the many other who had been terrible wounded and over a trillion dollars of wasted American taxpayers money invested in that awful mayhem is also awful.

    Now since the end of August and because of that despicable villain Joe Biden, has betrayed and abandoned many Americans and left them to in Afghanistan to be brutally murdered by the Taliban.

  2. That victory for the Taliban might well be very galvanizing to many Muslim terrorists, because of Joe Biden because of his arrogant conceit refused to heed the wisdom the US generals who advised of him for a planned gradual withdrawal of the Americans military forces from Afghanistan..

    Likewise, this this triumph of the Taliban in Afghanistan may, indeed, serve as catalyzed for different Islamic terrorist organizations further strive to fulfill their goal for the violent jihad for the cause of Islam.

    So it’s actually the fault of that President pretender Joe Biden that the increase of the deathly violence of Islamic terrorism in the world because of the awful judgement and terrible folly of Biden concerning Afghanistan that zeal will rise among the jihadists with their Islamic terror entities.

    This proves that this bogus president now sitting in the Oval Office of the White House masquerading as a genuine Chief Executive of the USA is a very dangerous and wicked man.

  3. On the night Television program Sean Hannity 8/17/21 on Fox News ,the former United States President Donald Trump was interviewed by Hannity and Mr. Trump had spoken about this Biden withdraw from Afghanistan and Trump ,truthfully declared that “Nobody had ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden.”

    He further stated that “This is the greatest embarrassment in the history of this country” and Trump then mentioned how the other countries are watching all this and that “China is laughing at us.” because “China does not respect us anymore.”

    It’s all very obvious that this awful lack of respect of all the fault of that terrible man , Joe Biden.

    Donald Trump had also well said “What is now happening in Afghanistan is unbelievable”

  4. Joe Biden so totally quickly destroyed all the progress that was achieved in almost twenty years in Afghanistan is so terrible severe that it’s now completely irreversible.

    As Abraham Lincoln had said “You can’t unscramble eggs.”

  5. That treasonous US “President” Joe Biden, has only aided and helped the murderous Taliban enemy conquer Afghanistan.

    In addition, that despicable villain, Biden, by handing Afghanistan over to the Taliban has betrayed America and Americans and has even cause the deaths of many Americans.

  6. That President Pretender, Joe Biden just threw away and totally destroyed nearly twenty years of progress accomplished by the blood sweat and tears and even the deaths of many Americans as well as those blood, sweat and tears of America’s allies.

    Also Biden threw away more than trillion of the American taxpayer’s money that was invested in for the betterment and development of Afghanistan.

    This tragic scenario didn’t actually have to had happen in Afghanistan because the generals of the Pentagon who are strategic military advisers to the President strongly counseled Biden not to have a sharp, sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan but instead have and start a gradual drawback of the US armed forces after September 11, 2021.

    The problem was that the arrogant conceited and stupid Joe Biden refused to heed or listen to the wise council of the intellects of the Pentagon. Therefore is this complete catastrophe with the Taliban total takeover of Afghanistan.

    In the ancient but wisdom filled book by Sun Tzu entitled THE ART OF WAR, it is written “He will win who has the military capability and is not interfered with the sovereign.”

    That awful incompetent and probably even treasonous villain, Joe Biden, ruined everything.

  7. By abandoning those so many Americans in Afghanistan and therefore leaving them in the malicious vicious vengeful heinous grip of Taliban, Joe Biden had betrayed them. So treacherous villain, Biden is a real traitor in every of the word.

    To make matter even worse that liar and chief , Biden , has the US State Department lie to the American public with the bogus claim that “All Americans are now out of Afghanistan.

    That bogus US “President” Biden is a traitor to all the Americans he left stranded in Afghanistan Biden is also a traitor to other Americans and to America herself.

    Biden is also a traitor to all the American soldiers who had literally shed their blood, died and had been maimed for life in Afghanistan

    Likewise Biden is a traitor to all the families and friends of those US soldiers who had shed their blood, were killed and terribly maimed for life by the Taliban. For creepy traitorous old Joe just ‘gave away” Afghanistan to the Taliban.

    Biden is a traitor to the American taxpayer who paid nearly two trillion to end jihadist terrorist training camps in Afghanistan forever in Afghanistan. For since Biden “handed’” that country to the Taliban ,they will let the jihadists of al Qaeda and ISIS set up jihad training centers in that land.

    Joe Biden should be arrested for treason…Biden is not a real American President, he’s pseudo “president,” an impostor “president.”

  8. That Biden scheme to settle all those Afghan refugees in the different States in American is a recipe for disaster.

    For England has already experienced many vicious and malice-filled murderous Muslims terrorists attacks ,as those ,for example, those different malicious and deadly jihadists attacks in London and that horrendous mass murder jihad homicide bombing in the city of Manchester in which so many innocent young girls died.

    Another way to illustrate the folly of foolish and reckless kindness is by the fable of Aesop which of a kind old farmer who saw outside a poor helpless viper that was freezing to death in the winter cold. The compassionate but foolish farmer felt sorry for that creature so he went outside and put it in his vest pocket to warm it up and therefore save its live. The viper revived in the warmed of vest ,felt better then bit the farmer through the vest and the kind but foolish farmer died a slow and painful death from that viper’s bite.

    So it might be in the UK by Afghan jihadists playing the part of a desperate “refugee” from Afghanistan who claimed that he was just fleeing the Taliban. For no amount of caring and kindness will change the murderous and destructive nature of a violent /jihadist/Muslim because such a man has been infected with an evil and deadly nature because of the evil and deadly religion.

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