Time to say NO!!!

The unholy alliance has gone too far and if we don’t stand up now there will be no time left to fight

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  1. All that empty talk about those masks being used a self-protection for the may be nothing but balderdash. For example a few brave scientists have come right out and explained that those masks are a useless hoax for a person to protect himself or herself from being infected by COVID -19.

    This is because the viruses is so very small that will though the fibers of that mas straight into that person. It’s just trying to stop a BB shot out from a BB gun with a tennis net.

  2. At best that mask might just a placebo mask to make the public feel safer.

    At worst that mask is a social experiment of the power elite to observe just how easily many people can be manipulated to behave and live in unnatural ways. The type of mind conditioning and thought control that may then be also applied to the subtle and gradual forcing of tyranny upon the people.

  3. On the lighter side, there is as Dr. Seuss type poem about the placebo mask. So here is it.

    “I will not wear the stupid mask, I will wear on here or there, I will not wear it anywhere. I will not wear it on my ear, I will not wear it out of fear. I will not wear that stupid mask, so don’t even bother to ask.”

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