Democrats Will Stop at Nothing…


  1. Yes those Democrats , many of them taking part on the Red/Green alliance will stop at nothing to archive their goals . No matter by how brutal , cruel unethical their ways might be to reach and fulfill their agenda.

    For example, Newsmax on 1/9/22 a program revealed the terrible human rights abuses and US Constitutional rights violations and additional information about of the two patriots’ murder by the leftist appointed Capital police on January 6th 2021.

    The viewers were informed that the pro-Trump patriots had not engaged in an “insurrection” in an actual, real, valid sense of the word.

    Those patriots were totally unarmed and they didn’t even attempt to overthrow the government, they only came to voice and concern and objection to the voter fraud which occurred in the in the November national election of 2020.

    As for the murdered patriot Ashi Babbatt she was unarmed no violent and it was discovered the Capital police officer who had obviously intentionally murdered her had a personal history of disciplinary problems. Nevertheless that Capital police officer got any with the murder that he committed “Home free.”

    That shows in hideous corrupt influence of the politically correct movement and likewise the power of those despicable Marxists in in power in the US government. Also that vicious, evil and murderous Capital “police officer” is a criminal affront to all good genuine real police officer in America.

    The news program explained that the patriots who were arrested were non-violent, they don’t harm anyone of break anything.

    After the patriots was unjustly arrest and put in Federal prison have been and still are brutally beaten and even tortured by the guards and kept in solitary confinement in filthy moldy cell sand they don’t have working toilets , they even have been tortured , with is completely unconstitutional , no cruel punishment, on top of that of that they hadn’t even been found “guilty” yet.

    They pro-Trump Trump patriot are actual literal political prisoners and that liar fiend posing as a real US President, Joe Biden has the unconscionable slanderous lying call to them “Insurrectionists.”

    Likewise other leftists keep on calling them that by that awful and inappropriate word.

    That’s like the old Hitler saying ‘”if you speak the same lie again and again people will start to believe that lie.

    As Dr. Sabastian Gorka had commented about all those terrible heinous affronts “This is an attempt to criminalize Conservatives.”

    For this and other sources of valid information it’s very tragic and evident that January 6 th. . 2021 is the beginning of the end of true American Republic and the start of some kind of freedom-less Communist tyranny which persecutes, imprisons and then tortures people who only gather together to peacefully let their views be known.

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