Biden’s Imported Afghan Jihadis Continue To Terrorize Americans

On Lindell TV, Anni Cyrus and Brannon Howse discuss the latest case of an Afghan “refugee” raping an 18-year-old, and also how the MAP movement promotes pedophilia, in common with Islam.


  1. Joe Biden created a recipe for disaster when he allowed and even encouraged all those unvetted Afghans into the Unite States.

    If it wasn’t for President pretender Biden who create that total catastrophe in Afghanistan there wouldn’t be problem of Afghan refugees in the first place.

    Furthermore, that Biden scheme to settle all those Afghan refugees in the different States in American is a recipe for disaster.

    Take England for example , The United Kingdom has already experienced many vicious and malice-filled murderous Muslims terrorists attacks ,as those ,for example, those different malicious and deadly jihadists attacks in London and that horrendous mass murder jihad homicide bombing in the city of Manchester in which so many innocent young girls died.

    Another way to illustrate the folly of foolish and reckless kindness is by the fable of Aesop which of a kind old farmer who saw outside a poor helpless viper that was freezing to death in the winter cold. The compassionate but foolish farmer felt sorry for that creature so he went outside and put it in his vest pocket to warm it up and therefore save its live. The viper revived in the warmed of vest ,felt better then bit the farmer through the vest and the kind but foolish farmer died a slow and painful death from that viper’s bite.

    So it might be in America by Afghan jihadists playing the part of a desperate “refugee” from Afghanistan who claimed that he was just fleeing the Taliban. For no amount of caring and kindness will change the murderous and destructive nature of a violent /jihadist/Muslim because such a man has been infected with an evil and deadly nature because of the evil and deadly religion.
    The duty of any genuine President of the United States is to protect the safety, security and lives of the American citizen.

    That duty President impostor Joe Biden completely refuses to preform, for by allowing all those unvetted Afghan/Muslims into America is a recipe for disaster.

    For some of them might be secret jihadists just waiting and scheming for a specific US city or large town to engage in a murderous and destructive jihad Islamic terror attack in.

    Some of the other Afghan refugees might be criminals. In both cases Biden will have the blood of many innocent Americans on his wicked hands.

  2. Many of not all of the Afghan refugees now in America, “thanks” to Joe Biden and his crew. Some of them might be criminal , other could be insidious jihadists just taking their time all the while scheming for the most effective time and place or places to strike the most deadly and destructive Muslim murderous terrorists attacks as they possibly can.

    This means that we ,as Americans, should no live in fear and likewise be afraid to go to different places and do different things but we need to be aware of our surrounding for anything that looks wrong or out of place. Then if something questionable is seen then go and inform the police about it..

    As it has been said “If you see something say something.” To put it in another way, the words of wisdom of Thomas Jefferson do apply even more in this century than in his own time.

    Mr. Jefferson wrote “Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.

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