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Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Linda Sarsour: The Enemy of the State.

Anni Cyrus exposes Linda Sarsour's hate for America and Human society
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Narrated Abu Huraira: Muhammad’s “Peace” comes when Muslims “fight and kill Jews”

Anni time of the day: Nobody gets to claim the right to demand the killing of other humans,...

Quran 47:4 “Strike necks to inflict slaughter, to test you by means of others.”

Anni time of the day: Allah commanded Muslims to “slaughter them.” That command of “armed struggle” is a...

Narrated Abdullah: Muhammad said, “Temporary wives” Are Lawful

Anni time of the day: Because Muhammad did it, under Islam by Law, women are merely property, to...

Dissimulation by the ‘Moderate Muslim’ Splinter Movement

The ‘Moderate Muslims’ are a Splinter Movement, who use tactics of dissimulation about Islam—they gain influence among wishful...