It’s More Than Border Security! It’s Our Liberty and Freedom

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  1. The ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, did have a good valid point when he had written, “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

    Therefore, “the measure” of Joe Biden is outright terrible, as observed by his awful “no secure. US/ Mexican porous border policy” which results in dangerous and deadly Hamas Hezbollah, ISIS and al Qaeda jihadists entering into America as well as highly dangerous criminal gangs , as for example, MS-13.

    When people of the United States murdered by those jihadists in an Islamic terrorists attack creepy old, Joe will have their blood on his vile and wicked hands.

  2. That villainous President pretender ,Joe Biden, got into the White House Oval Office and ruined everything and likewise wrecked all the good that was accomplished.

    Secure strong borders was a great achievement of President Trump. The tragic reality is that dangerous

    Furthermore President Trump understands the need for a good strong US/Mexican border control, likewise he cares.

    In contrast, feeble-minded Joe Biden doesn’t understand this need. Or Biden does understand and just doesn’t care or he understands and is intentionally attempting to harm America. In any case Biden is dangerous.

    For porous borders Mexico has enabled Iranian jihad operatives as well as jihadists of ISIS and al Qaeda and other like-minded Islamic terror entities to infiltrate into the United States. Furthermore, illegal immigration from Mexico is dangerous because of crime by gangs of hooligans who enter the US through pours borders with Mexico. As for example, the gang of thugs called MS-13 who originated in El Salvador the come into America through Mexico. Those gangsters commit crimes as murders, rapes, drug dealing. They are also known, for a price, to smuggle jihadists of Al Qaeda in America.

    In addition, to all this, with illegal immigration also comes higher welfare cost and an increased chances of the spread of contagious diseases, such as coronavirus.

    Furthermore, with more illegal come more environmental degradation and more urban sprawl. Therefore, there is a great need for a good for a good border control system with a strong tall wall that’s patrolled by armed American military soldiers who may be allowed to use their guns if they deem it necessary. Along with a good filtering system to let in to the United States only good decent hard working people with visas and not and not gangsters and jihadists.

    In conclusion all the above may be summed up by the wisdom found in the words of Ronald Reagan when he as, so well, stated “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

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