Biden Regime’s Legacy: Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery and Invasion

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  1. During this video interview Anni Cyrus ,rightly ,said “There should be no political Prisoners in this country .”

    Her state statement is a disturbing reminder that now it’s been well over three years since that the All American Patriots from the January 6m 2021 Washington DC rally who were victims of that left –wing set up of Nancy Pelosi and her other comrades.

    Still, those patriots who are the political prisoners of the Biden regime haven’t received their US Constitutional rights to a “speedy trial” and are still languishing in the Biden gulag and who may also rightly called the “political Prisoners” of the Biden regime.

    for the non-violent American patriots who had been falsely arrested in that schemed leftist set up on 1/6/21 are not given their US Constitutional rights or natural human rights that they should have.

    . There’s more than enough proof that and many first hand reports about the many malicious beating inflected by vicious leftist brutes in uniforms , the prison guards, in Biden’s gulag as well as their being denied medical care and kept in dark moldy cells 23 hours a day that have no working plumbing and only given small amounts of food to eat of rancid quality .

    It’s no wonder that Joe Biden likes admires backs and supports the Communist President of mainland China.

    Not only because he is fond of Socialism but Biden, obviously, must applaud the horrendous political prisoner treatment system because he attempts to emulate it for American citizens.

    This outrageous evil committed by the Biden regime against those US citizens is a blatant and strong reminder that the Bible instructs and informs Christians “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated …”

    Hebrews 13:3. [N.K.J.V.]

  2. In this video the man being interviewed was right when he said that on January 6th “There was no insurrection”

    Therefore, Joe Biden is outright chronic and perpetual liar, he most always lies . For example , Biden called that patriot rally on January 6, 2021 at Washington DC. “A deadly insurrection.”

    As for “deadly”, the only people who died that day were American patriots, as Ashi Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. Neither is an insurrection, the patriots didn’t try to overthrow the US government and they no firearms on them.

    Therefore, what Biden slanderously said statement that about those patriots, he lied again For Joe Biden has been lying for decades, So much so that we may be sure the he is a pathological liar and likewise being chronic liar is now part of his despicable character.

    It might even be that with Biden’s fragile mental haze and he’s so self -deluded that he might really believe some of his own lies.

    America surely doesn’t need anyone sitting in the Oval Office of the White House who has no concept of reality or grip on reality.

  3. Indeed, that result of wicked Joe Biden in Office with evil regime in human trafficking sex slavery and invasion of America by dangerous jihadists. Along with drug trafficking rape and murder by vicious gangs of hooligans as MS-13.

    As the ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, did reveal that he had wisdom when he had written, “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

    Therefore, “the measure” of Joe Biden is not only terribly lacking but outright erroneously disastrous.

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