Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot.

The Woke Left has taken over most of the major institutions in America. They are the media, academia and the permanent bureaucracy of government. They teach our kids and produce our popular culture. And they are successfully using every one of these institutions to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist dump.


  1. As an American LATINO, I not only salute you but understand that also a relative to illegals, I too ain’t understood. I always tell the illegals that they should show grateful gratitude in living the American dream rather than hate and treason. I just don’t get that the Latina women who ran from a country where they where suppressed and slaves come here and join a movement with individual types that enslaved their last country, in the name of defund ice, and dumb ideologies like that. I respect someone like you better that says, hell no! Biden/Harris are funding terrorist and you are like, Sharia law will only enslave a woman like you, so you take the stand, as a middle East descendant (American)… Great job, we should have a show on American foren descendents like us appreciate this country and dissagree our fellow migrant that don’t stand up for their NEW HOME the USA, the home their kids, their grandchildren will grow in. I salute you. Keep it up.


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