Taliban’s Mockery of America!

While Biden handlers are making a deal with Islamic Jihadis, Taliban is mocking America and calling Americans filthy


  1. Anni, I, for one, do see what you are doing! You are doing a great work for for OUR country. I’m proud to be your fellow American. Keep up the good work. Take time to enjoy life. We must do what we can, but, ultimately, the future is in God’s capable hands.

  2. How can we stop everything going on its not one thing its so many things they attacking us with America am so overwhelmed with it all that i don’t know what to do are if I could do anything be side praying Biden is not our President President Trump is the our true President damn news station’s know this but still lies about what happening in 2020 and on top of all that China taking over please how do we evening fight back they still have Americans in jail from January 6 that didn’t do anything to be in jail what supporting our President Trump what can i do i been praying for God in heaven to be with all y’all out there thats putting y’all lifes on the line to tell us what’s happening am just so overwhelmed how did we trust our leaders all these years and don’t mean us good

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