Taliban Govt. is Modeled on Iran’s Sharia Govt.


  1. A former Muslim revealed an important reality when he wrote “Iran is representative of what Islamic fundamentals desire, an Islamic State, and the consequence of achieving it: State Terror, Instead of utopic, Iran is an Islamic totalitarian nightmare.” He further exposes that “What followed its establishment was the inevitable consequence and inexorable logic of its Islamic premise; state terrorism, a merciless tyranny.” [1]

    Furthermore, in the book entitled HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANGE THE WORLD, by , the Christian scholar, William Wagner ,on page 208 the reader is informed that “The creation of the Islamic republic in Iran has had the effect that many from that country have become disillusioned with Islam and are looking to leave Iran. ”

    This shows the terrible future for the people of Afghanistan under the Taliban.

    [1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq page 346,.

  2. “The Islamic republic of Iran exists and operates as what every fundamentalist dreams of, an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law …” [1] It thus should be known that Sharia law is full of brutal cruel and even murderous misogyny.

    About Sharia . It should be made known that the actual origin of Sharia law is revealed in a Time –Life book with the title MESOPOTAMIA: THE MIGHTY KINGS copyright 1995. The point is this history book about the ancient pagan world of Mesopotamia informs the reader that “many Islamic laws resemble the Babylon and Assyrian forebears.” .page 150.

    There is the above and other references imply that such pagan teachings were incorporated into the religion that Muhammad manufactured and then started.

    Thus this further reveals that a lot of ancient paganism is part of the whole religion of Islam.

    In other words, ancient paganism makes up much of Sharia ,first the foundation for that “mullah tyranny” of Iran then for that Taliban tyrannical regime of Afghanistan ,all based on the hoax of Sharia.

    [1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq page 347

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