Friday, February 3, 2023
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Tag: Islam

Quran 4:3 Islamic Marriage—Hell for Her, Heaven for Him

Anni time of the day: Orphan girls, harem women, and sex slaves—Muhammad's Allah puts their marriage lives at the mercy of Muslim...

Quran 9:28 Allah Called You a “Filthy” Non-Believer

Anni time of the day: Muhammad's Allah calls himself so knowing, so wise, so forgiving and generous. But he has nasty...
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Ronna McDaniel Romney Manages To Keep Her Bought For RNC Chair

RNC proves yet again to belong to Uniparty Please go to and use the...

Islam Conquers Through Fear Again!

NATO, the UN, and UK give into Islam again... Please go to and use...

MI5 Names Iran As Major Security Threat For UK

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum said except for Russia and China; the Islamic Republic is a “mounting concern”.

‘Congress Of Influential Women’ With Non-Influential Guests

The Raisi’s administration invited unknown guests in a strange move to show that Iran's relationship with the world...