Just a Friendly Reminder…


  1. Near the end of this video Aynaz Cyrus spoke about how Joe Biden is “closing this deal with Iran.” in other words , that treasonous Joe Biden is agreeing to give hostile malice–filled anti-American Islamic regime of Iran everything it wants.

    Therefore it must be that Joe Biden is an incompetent feeble -minded fool of a traitorous villain.

    Which even the case with him, Biden by giving away everything to those tyrants of that Islamic regime of Iran who such spiteful enemies of the United States that they publicly refer to her as “the Great Satan” and likewise brainwash and then incite the Iranian people to chant, over and over again “Death to America” reveals much about the sinister and insidious character of subversive creepy old Joe.

    Thus Joe Biden by appeasing supporting and further upholding that anti-American vicious and hostile “mullah regime” has to be a very evil, un-American very despicable and dangerous man.

  2. At the later part of this above video it was revealed that Joe Biden, wrapped up nuclear negotiations with Tehran, Israel is gearing up for a spectacularly bad Iran deal.

    The government authorities of the State of Israel are wise if they to gear up their military power to prepare a vicious and hostile attempted missile strike Islamic Iran against that Jewish nation.

    Even a first strike by the Israeli air force on nuclear weapons program, sites is appropriate because the authorities of the government well understand the malice -filled violent and aggressive intentions of those in power in that “mullah regime” of Iran.

    In other words, a first strike at such site is important and necessary for the State of Israel in self-defense.

    As the former US President, James Monroe had, rightly, declared “The right to self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and alike necessary to nations and to individuals.”

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