How the GOP Failed Conservatives In the Midterms With Jeff Crouere

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  1. One possible answer of to the question of ”Why and how John Fetterman had ‘won’ the election in Pennsylvania ?” It might possibly be that Tom Wolf did have his insidious and sinister hand in getting Letterman in the 11/8/22 election to “win” that position in the US Pennsylvania Senate.

    After all, Wolf meddled and interfered in the Presidential election of 2020 when he took part in that crooked rigged Pa election fraud in November 2020 fraud in which involved mail in voting farce play its sinister larger schemed National election hoax. Wolf knows a very effective voter-cheating ploy and he’s will not give it up. Therefore, Wolf had done likewise for Fetterman.

    “By hook or by crook” John Fetterman is now going to become the next Senator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  2. That Marxist, John Fetterman must obviously have the sinister intentions of wrecking the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with his scheme to legalize heroin, Fetterman also wants to release many dangerous harden criminals for the different prisons throughout the Pennsylvania.

    Just think of the dangerous and many different crimes that those hooligans want to set free would inflict on the peaceful law-abiding citizen of PA.

    This would further weak society and that creeping crime would then, naturally spread to the other States of this nation.

    To out this another way, such lawlessness create havoc and chaos that would expand to other States of this country and be just a harmful and deadly as the disease, which is the coronavirus.

    Fetter man has to be intending to play the awful heinous game of destruction as described by Karl Marx. Who had written “If we can but weld our souls together, then with contempt shall I fling my glove in the world’s face, then I shall stride through the wreckage a creator !”

  3. It should be of no genuine surprise that John Fetterman wants to set criminal’s free from prison.

    That’s because the just might be his “brothers in heart.” Meaning he gives a very strong appearance that he could be a “criminal in spirit.” After all, he looks just like a goon.

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