Biden Regime Releasing $90 Billion to Iran and Lifting Sanctions on Islamic Revolutionary Guard.


  1. That horrible old fool, Joe Biden, wrapped up nuclear negotiations with Tehran, Israel is gearing up for a spectacularly bad Iran deal.

    The government authorities of the State of Israel are wise if they to gear up their military power to prepare a vicious and hostile attempted missile strike Islamic Iran against that Jewish nation.

    Even a first strike by the Israeli air force on nuclear weapons program, sites is appropriate because the authorities of the government well understand the malice -filled violent and aggressive intentions of those in power in that “mullah regime” of Iran.

    In other words, a first strike at such site is important and necessary for the State of Israel in self-defense.

    As the former US President, James Monroe had, rightly, declared “The right to self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and alike necessary to nations and to individuals.”

  2. On the topic of Iran Joe Biden exposes just who horrendously terrible he really is.

    For Biden is either an incompetent feeble -minded fool or a traitorous treasonous villain.

    Which even the case with him, Biden by giving away everything to those tyrants of that Islamic regime of Iran who such spiteful enemies of the United States that they publicly refer to her as “the Great Satan” and likewise brainwash and then incite the Iranian people to chant, over and over again “Death to America” reveals much about the sinister and insidious character of subversive creepy old Joe.

    Therefore Biden by appeasing supporting and further upholding that anti-American vicious and hostile “mullah regime” has to be a very evil, un-American very despicable and dangerous man.

  3. There aren’t some things wrong with that “mullah regime” of Iran because the word “some” would put a limit on the number of things that are wrong with that brutal, cruel and oppressive “mullah tyranny” of Iran.

    First and foremost in keeping with the main topic of this above, top ,article, about that disingenuous lying aggressive and hostile “mullah regime” the folly if not outright treason of Joe Biden and his administration by caving in the that demands of Islamic Iran by granting those in power everything they want.

    In addition and in contrast the weakness of Biden ,back in time with President Trump and his administration on the date of 4/22/19 the US Secretary of State ,Michael Pompeo spoke of that brutal and oppressive tyranny which oppresses the people of Iran and said “We will not appease their oppressors as that last administration did .” Pompeo then stated “We will support the Iranian people.”

    As far back as on Tuesday, 2/5/ 19 in his second State on the Union a speech President Trump ,wisely, spoke of that Islamic tyranny of Iran as well as those in total power and complete of that tyrannical rogue state. For the President declared “It is a radical regime, they do bad, bad things.”

    Moreover, an author of an article on a Freedom Site, Dariush Afshar, had explained the reality of the situation well when he wrote that the “People of Iran who fight for freedom in Iran and abroad put a huge gap and draw a prominent line between Iran and the Islamic regime in Tehran.”

    This is sadly and tragically the terrible reality of this Islamic tyrannical regime of Iran. This Islamic tyranny has been well nicknamed “the mullahs regime” in which them mullahs and ayatollahs as well as other fiendish and fanatical Muslims in power have a strong and awful control of the Islamic regime of Iran and through their band of Islamic state “police” , who are called the “Revolutionary Guards “come down hard human rights of the Iranian people .

    Therefore, the Iranian people who are trapped and forced to exist in this Islamic tyranny live in terrible fear of the mullahs and others in power in Iran. This is a tragic and sad reminder of the wisdom that was printed in the periodical of Benjamin Franklin which is entitled POOR RICHARDS’ ALMANAC that reads “Those who are feared are also hated.”
    It also should be added, to this that the actual word “Republic” has on origin the Latin meaning “Of the people” With the mullahs ayatollahs in so much power and even influencing the parliament of this Islamic regime is tyranny is hardly a real republic .Furthermore the ruthless gang of thugs who are the stooges of those Muslim clerics, called the “Revolutionary Guards,” those Islamic State “police” come down hard on the human rights and freedoms of the Iranian people. Therefore the people do have the right to overthrow a tyranny. This reality had even been expressed and described by men of great intelligence .For example, the philosopher .John Locke. This is wisdom that mullahs and other villains in power in that Islamic tyranny don’t want the Iranian people to know about or understand.

  4. About that Sharia based Islamic regime of Iran is based on. That Islamic tyranny has the official title of “The Islamic Republic of Iran” and also about the chief and head Imam, Ayatollah Khomeini, who had a strong hand in establishing this so called “Republic “

    The very actual essence of that Islamic tyranny, Ayatollah Khomeini had made in known that “The Islamic Republic of Iran would be Islamic and nothing but .He declared ‘What the nation wants is an Islamic Republic . Not just a Republic, not a democratic Republic, not a democratic Islamic Republic. Do not use the word “democratic” to describe it. That is the Western style. ‘” [1]

    [1]`THE HISTORY OF JIHAD by Robert Spencer, page 318.

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