The situation with the Taliban is a global threat


  1. Thanks for speaking the truth about Islam and it’s goals. Also, about what many Americans already know. Islam is the enemy of free people globally. Why are FB Twitter and that other platform advertising on your site? They are all supporting Islam and the global imposition of sharia!!! The billionaires are all behind the validate.

  2. Anni,

    Keep up the fight! i admire you greatly! I am ex military and I guarantee you that there are many Patriots and good people in America that will not let this country fail! We are the sleeping giant! Our founders implemented the second amendment for a reason! Patriots represent the largest standing army in the world because we are armed and ready to fight! We will win so don’t fret! During all conflicts to include our Revolutionary War only 20% of the population fought to free ourselves of tyranny! The same holds true for today! Islamic terrorists beware as once Pandora’s box is open it will not be closed until they are wiped off the face of America soil! Love ya Anni!

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