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  • Sharia Law

    Mar 1, 16 • 295 Views • Radio, Truth TellersNo Comments

    On this Episode Aynaz Anni Cyrus and Farrah Prudence will discuss the H. RES. 569 & Resolution 16/18 and it’s danger to western culture and life style. There will be a Q&A part also to cover some information on meaning of Islamic society of

  • Aynaz Anni Cyrus

    Dec 28, 15 • 323 Views • Radio, Truth TellersNo Comments

    Farrah Prudence interviews Ms. Aynaz Anni Cyrus. Aynaz Anni Cyrus is a 31-year-old Iranian-born woman who rejected Islam and came to the United States in Pursuit of freedom. Now she sees her worst fear come to life as America is conforming more to the Islam

  • America’s Deadly Sins – Aynaz Anni Cyrus – The Unknown

    Oct 16, 15 • 313 Views • Radio, Truth TellersNo Comments

    Join us today as we have Aynaz Anni Cyrus, an Americanized Iranian woman, and the producer of the Glazov gang and the host of The Unknown and a Human rights activist. We at America’s Deadly Sins are under the impression that Aynaz will also be able to