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  • Un-Reported, Named Arrests by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

    Feb 20, 18 • 4 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

      Full Name City of Arrest Date of Arrest Soleyman Abdi Īlām N/A Faezeh Abdipoor Tehrān N/A Hafez Abdoulahi Īlām N/A Salman Abdoulahi Īlām N/A Laleh Aghayi Īlām N/A Majid Akbari Tehrān N/A Muhammad Aminsanlou Tehrān N/A Vali Amiri Kermānshāh

  • “I am real and I am here”

    Oct 27, 17 • 11504 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    On Oct 25, 2017 World Citizens For Saudi Women posted a video of 22-year-old Amna AlJuaid pleading for us to help her make her story be known. “I thought a hundred times before I make this video, as proof of my existence. I believe that something very bad

  • The First Islamic Beating I Saw in America

    Feb 21, 17 • 4472 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    I last told you about the first Islamic rage that I ever faced, on the day that I made a mistake by bringing home pepperoni pizza as a dinner treat for my Muslim boyfriend’s family. I had soon put that incident behind me, as just something scary and odd

  • The Night I Survived a Refugee’s Attack

    Feb 13, 17 • 3371 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    In Denmark, back in the 1980s, I had my first encounters with refugees. I was young, liberal, and filled with hope for a better world, where we all would be free to live in bonds of friendship, from different cultures. I was a healthy, young student, with a

  • Will Geert Wilders be the Next Dutch Prime Minister?

    Jan 30, 17 • 4423 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    This March, the Dutch people will vote for a new government. Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) has been steadily leading in the polls for months. Many people worldwide hope for a continuation of the popular freedom movement that won in the UK and USA

  • The Clash of Pizza and Islam

    Jan 16, 17 • 3493 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    This is a true life experience from Pam, a new contributor on our LUTF team. Pam’s story reveals that the problem is Islam, and what Islam demands of Muslims. Even in America. It was 1997, in Orange County California where I was introduced to a cute,

  • Islamic Child Marriage & Its Threat to Every Child

    Aug 1, 16 • 4639 Views • LUTF Articles7 Comments

    One of the most disturbing facts about the Islamic religion is the relationship between nine-year-old Aisha to the prophet Muhammad when he was in his fifties There is so much conflicting information and misunderstandings regarding the life and marriages of

  • Help Shahram Ahmadi!

    Jul 17, 16 • 1171 Views • LUTF ArticlesNo Comments

    Shahram Ahmadi’s Life is in Danger! Rajai Shahr Prison has scheduled the eminent execution of 35 Sunni Kurdish men. Among these prisoners is Shahram Ahmadi. He is in imminent danger of execution after his lawyer’s request for a retrial was

  • Free Amir Amirgholi

    Jul 11, 16 • 962 Views • LUTF Articles5 Comments

    Iran’s Authorities Issues a Heavy Sentence against Amir Amirgholi Amir Amirgholi, 33 arrested in the street by security forces under Branch 6 of Ghods Court warrant has been sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison at Branch 15 of the Islamic

  • Letter to Donald Trump

    Jul 7, 16 • 1975 Views • LUTF Articles13 Comments

    Dear Mr. Trump   Hello, my friend Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus and I support Donald Trump’s campaign. She offers her experience and services to you as a survivor of Islamic Sharia. Please contact her at Here is the background story