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  • “A Mother’s Sorrow”

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    “A Mother’s Sorrow,” a film released by outspoken Iranian dissident Mohammad Nourizad in December 2014, portrays the struggle of Iranian mothers whose children have lost their lives in the fight for a free Iran. The film follows the family

  • “sexy little skirt”

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    I have been very scared all my life of telling this story; but here it goes. When I was around 11 or 12 I was taking a taxi from my Dad’s house to my mum’s house which was around a 20 minute drive. The driver was a Muslim man who had taken me on this

  • Guilty of what?

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    I was about 8 month old when my mother was taken away to Evin Prison for doing absolutely nothing (she was released with a not guilty verdict. she was never given a fair trial or anything but that is a story on its own). She was allowed to see me once a month

  • The Other Delta

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    The Other Delta from Visiontime on Vimeo. Share This: