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March 19, 2018 By Ann Green | Married at 13, Activist Educates About Women in Iran

March 14, 2018 Robert Spencer | CAIR vs. Ex-Muslim Anni Cyrus. Hamas-linked group targets human rights activist for telling unwelcome truths.

March 20, 2018 The Water Cooler | The Culture Wars, Continued

March 09, 2018 History Scoper | Anni Cyrus Just the Latest American Patriot to be Attacked by Hamas-CAIR

February 23, 2018 Daniel Greenfield | Jamie Glazov joins Anni in telling the truth about the Islamic abuse of women and girls in this video.

January 3, 2018 By Avi Abelow | Meet Aynaz Anni Cyrus. Aynaz is an American Iranian human rights activist, journalist, producer and freedom fighter

September 28, 2017 By Veronica Utecht, Reporter Fox14 | Human Rights Activist To Give Seminar in Neosho This Weekend

September 11, 2017 Ben Poser | EXCLUSIVE: Crowd-Funding Service Crushes Iranian anti-Sharī‘ah Activist’s Travel Expenses Campaign

Sep 7, 2017 By Christine Douglass-Williams | Canada Antifa Threatens to Smash Conference Opposing Anti-Islamophobia Motion

July 10, 2017 By Antonio Belladonna | “the most moving and chilling speech was delivered by Aynaz Anni Cyrus.”

July 8, 2017 By Robert Spencer | Anni Cyrus exposes Linda Sarsour’s hatred for America and for free society in general

06/28/2017 By Joe Wilson World Net Daily | Muslims’ strategy for conquest: Deception

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