Un-Reported, Named Deaths by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

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By January 7, 2018, there were confirmed reports of at least 21 protesters killed, and over 3,700 more arrested or kidnapped from their homes. Western media outlets did mention the deaths in passing, but only in articles which maintained the mainly economic concerns of the uprising. Protesters were arrested by morality police, but with no arrest report — meaning that their arrests were denied by police. By January 21, eight more deaths were confirmed. As of now the death toll is 35, of whom only 33 have been named.

Full Name City of Death
Shahab Abtahi Arāk, Markazi Province
Mohsen Adeli Dezfūl, Khūzestān Province
Shahab Amanallahi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Mohammad Choobak N/A
Masoud Dehkiani, 13-years-old Īzeh, Khūzestān Province
Mohammad Ebrahimi Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Ghaderi Sanandaj, Kordestān Province
Saroo Ghahremani Sanandaj, Kordestān Province
Sina Ghanbari Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Alireza Gomar Tūyserkān, Hamedān Province
Asghar Haroonrashidi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Vahid Heidari Arāk, Markazi Province
Ahmad Heydari, 13-years-old Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Maryam Jafarpoor Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Mehdi Kahzadi N/A
Arash Khedri Masjed Soleymān, Khūzestān Province
Ehsan Kheyri N/A
Hamzeh Lashani Zand Dorūd, Lorestān Province
Gholamreza Muhammadi Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Muhammad Nasiri Zanjān, Zanjān Province
Ali Pouladi Chālūs, Māzandarān Province
Amin Ramezani Masjed Soleymān, Khūzestān Province
Hussein Reshno Dorūd, Lorestān Province
Armin Sadeghi, 15-years-old Khomeinī Shahr, Esfahān Province
Nematollah Salehi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Nematollah Shafi Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Shafizadeh Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Shahab Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Behzad Shasvari Kermānshāh Province
Hassan Torkashvand Karāj, Alborz Province
Mohsen Virayeshi N/A
Kianoush Zandi Sanandaj, Kordestān Province

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5 Responses to Un-Reported, Named Deaths by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

  1. Jack Dawson says:

    Visit sheffield UK PLEASE!!

  2. Simon Shapiro says:

    You state you are here to support women in suffering.
    This is a noble cause, no doubt. But, please do not ignore the innocent men who suffer too. Just like there are evil women in the Islamic Republic of Iran, there are good, loving
    men in the IRI.
    I will readily concede that more women than men suffer in Moslim cultures, but nevertheless there are good, righteous men in same places.

  3. Deborah V. says:

    I am commenting as an American Christian.
    This kind of injustice keeps most of us awake at night. I’m over 60, and I spent my teen years, listening to my father tell about his life at 17 years old, when he left High School to save Europe from Hitler.
    My point is this, although I am aware that elites from every country create these crisis, most Americans are laden with heartache. We are “The Great Satan” if we do intervene, and yet, it seems horribly immoral for us to ignore the innocent people around the world being slaughtered.
    Although we ARE NOT all Christians, most of us do come from Judeo-Christian backgrounds, where our God asks us to
    1. Do Justice. 2. Love Mercy. 3. Walk Humbly with our God.
    There doesn’t seem to be any good answer. If we manufacture weapons, they end up in the wrong hands. If we send food or supplies, they are stolen. Yes, we DO vet those who apply for asylum, but you know the corruption within all governments with that process also.
    We need to hear your voices in any way possible. Do not endanger yourselves or your families. Know that we are praying for you. I am praying in the authority of Jesus Christ.

    • Meredith Snow says:

      Great comment and true. Sadly to many of us who are willing to lay our lives onthe line are in our 50’s and 60’s .The young men and women are brainwashed by the news media and their false securities. America is paying the price, we have allowed to much to go untouched. Abortion,prayer,and corruption. I wonder if God is actually going to allow much more.

  4. William says:

    What we’re the crimes these people committed ?
    How we’re they killed ? Beheadings ?

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