Un-Reported, Named Deaths by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

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By January 7, 2018, there were confirmed reports of at least 21 protesters killed, and over 3,700 more arrested or kidnapped from their homes. Western media outlets did mention the deaths in passing, but only in articles which maintained the mainly economic concerns of the uprising. Protesters were arrested by morality police, but with no arrest report — meaning that their arrests were denied by police. By January 21, eight more deaths were confirmed. As of now the death toll is 35, of whom only 33 have been named.

Full Name City of Death
Shahab Abtahi Arāk, Markazi Province
Mohsen Adeli Dezfūl, Khūzestān Province
Shahab Amanallahi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Mohammad Choobak N/A
Masoud Dehkiani, 13-years-old Īzeh, Khūzestān Province
Mohammad Ebrahimi Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Ghaderi Sanandaj, Kordestān Province
Saroo Ghahremani Sanandaj, Kordestān Province
Sina Ghanbari Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Alireza Gomar Tūyserkān, Hamedān Province
Asghar Haroonrashidi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Vahid Heidari Arāk, Markazi Province
Ahmad Heydari, 13-years-old Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Maryam Jafarpoor Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Mehdi Kahzadi N/A
Arash Khedri Masjed Soleymān, Khūzestān Province
Ehsan Kheyri N/A
Hamzeh Lashani Zand Dorūd, Lorestān Province
Gholamreza Muhammadi Tehrān, Tehrān Province
Muhammad Nasiri Zanjān, Zanjān Province
Ali Pouladi Chālūs, Māzandarān Province
Amin Ramezani Masjed Soleymān, Khūzestān Province
Hussein Reshno Dorūd, Lorestān Province
Armin Sadeghi, 15-years-old Khomeinī Shahr, Esfahān Province
Nematollah Salehi Jūyābād, Esfahān Province
Nematollah Shafi Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Shafizadeh Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Hussein Shahab Qahderījān, Esfahān Province
Behzad Shasvari Kermānshāh Province
Hassan Torkashvand Karāj, Alborz Province
Mohsen Virayeshi N/A
Kianoush Zandi Sanandaj, Kordestān Province

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