Un-Reported, Named Arrests by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

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Between December 27, 2017 and January 3, 2018, there were 102 confirmed arrests which never made it into any mainstream media coverage. (Unknown dates are between December 27 and January 3, but were not reported the same day as arrest.) Given the popularity of the so-called “#MeToo” movement, putting names to individuals suffering in silence would seem to be a media priority.

Full Name City of Arrest Date of Arrest
Soleyman Abdi Īlām N/A
Faezeh Abdipoor Tehrān N/A
Hafez Abdoulahi Īlām N/A
Salman Abdoulahi Īlām N/A
Laleh Aghayi Īlām N/A
Majid Akbari Tehrān N/A
Muhammad Aminsanlou Tehrān N/A
Vali Amiri Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Siavash Amjadi Tehrān 1/1/2018
Omid Ajlal Umria N/A
Negin Aramesh Tehrān 1/2/2018
Abaas Arghand Īlām N/A
Rouhllah Arghand Īlām N/A
Saman Arghavani Īlām N/A
Ali Asaadi Tehrān N/A
Ali Akbar Asakareh Shādgān N/A
Majid Asakareh Shādgān N/A
Arash Avari Tehrān N/A
Ali Bratali Tehrān 1/2/2018
Mahmoud Chamangoal Īlām N/A
Abaas Ali Dadi N/A 1/2/2018
Ghader Dalan Urmia 1/1/2018
Sama Derakhshani Tehrān N/A
Amir Hussein Elmtalab Tehrān N/A
Yazdaan Farajzadeh Īlām N/A
Aref Fathi Tehrān N/A
Peyman Geravand Tehrān N/A
Behnam Ghaedi Dehdasht 1/1/2018
Sina Ghafari Tehrān N/A
Mikael Gholirad Tehrān 1/2/2018
Yaser Habibi Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Ali Haghi Kermānshāh 1/3/2018
Mohsen Haghshenas Tehrān 1/1/2018
Muhsen Haghshenas Tehrān N/A
Iraj Hamidi Urmia 1/1/2018
Mahmud Harizavi Ahvāz N/A
Muhammad Ahmadeian Heravi Tehrān 12/31/2017
Hesam Housseinzadeh Tehrān 1/1/2018
Leila Husseinzadeh Tehrān 1/1/2018
Danial Iman Tehrān N/A
Omid Jamshidi Kermānshāh 12/29/2017
Sara Jamshidi Īlām N/A
Muhammad Javaheri Sardasht 1/2/2018
Shams Aldin Kakeyi Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Farhad Karami Īlām N/A
Hadi Karami Īlām N/A
Javad Karami Īlām N/A
Loghman Karami Īlām N/A
Abdoul Jabar Khaledi Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Muhammad Khani Tehrān N/A
Porya Khazayi Tehrān 1/2/2018
Javad Kheibar Kermānshāh 1/3/2018
Jamshid Khoshavaz Sanandaj 1/1/2018
Amin Khosravi Tehrān N/A
Yasamin Mahboubi Tehrān N/A
Tarikh Maleki Tehrān N/A
Muhammad Masoumi Īlām N/A
Mahmud Masoumi Īlām N/A
Vahid Mazhari Kermānshāh N/A
Falah Mazraie Abū Homeizeh N/A
Nabi Mazraie Abū Homeizeh N/A
Salah Mazraie Abū Homeizeh N/A
Touran Meraban Urmia 12/31/2017
Yaseen Mirzayi Zāhedān 12/29/2017
Alireza Moenian Tehrān 1/1/2018
Muhammad Sharifi Moghadam Tehrān 1/2/2018
Mohsen Mir Mohseni Tehrān N/A
Saha Mortezaie Tehrān N/A
Majid Mosafer Tehrān N/A
Gholam Ali Mosavar Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Soheil Movahedaan Tehrān N/A
Ali Mozafari Tehrān N/A
Muhammad Muhammadian Tehrān N/A
Emad Namani Ahvāz N/A
Bahman Tafasoli Nasab Dehdasht 1/1/2018
Kasra Nouri Tehrān N/A
Faramarz Omidi Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Sina Omran Tehrān 1/2/2018
Pedram Pazireh Tehrān N/A
Omid Arsalan Pejman Zāhedān 12/29/2017
Shahla Vahdat Poor Urmia 1/1/2018
Sina Rabeie Tehrān N/A
Mozafar Rahmani Īlām N/A
Hamzeh Rahnama Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Amin Rezayi Zāhedān 12/29/2017
Mahram Saberi Sanandaj 12/31/2017
Ahmad Safari Nahāvand 1/1/2018
Mahdi Vahabi Sani Tehrān N/A
Muhsen Shahsoun Tehrān N/A
Ali Sharafi Ahvāz N/A
Meysam Sharif Tehrān N/A
Muhammad Reza Soroori Sabzevar 12/30/2017
Azad Taghizadeh Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Farshid Tajmiri Hamedān 12/30/2017
Nabi Tardast Kermānshāh 12/29/2017
Mohsen Torabi Tehrān N/A
Mahdi Towichi Tehrān 1/3/2018
Loghman Veisi Kermānshāh 1/1/2018
Soheil Agha Zadeh Tehrān 1/3/2018
Ali Zarei Īlām N/A
Gabriel Zarei Īlām N/A
Arjang Zargoush Kermānshāh N/A

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  1. In December, Abadi announced full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against IS members. However, Islamic State continues to launch sporadic attacks across Iraq against troops. Security reports indicate that the militant group still poses threat against stability in the country.

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