“I am real and I am here”

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On Oct 25, 2017 World Citizens For Saudi Women posted a video of 22-year-old Amna AlJuaid pleading for us to help her make her story be known. “I thought a hundred times before I make this video, as proof of my existence. I believe that something very bad is going to happen to me very soon, from my father. I have no protection. The government is criminalizing me, because I left home. You get jailed and lashed for that, if a woman leaves her family home, even if they were abusers.”

On Amna’s YouTube account of the same day, she posted a video in Arabic, with English subtitles, in which she says, “I am recording this video today, because it might be the last video in my life. For you to know I’m real, and I’m here. My father Mohammed Aljauid is the one behind my suffering. My voice has to come out through you.” She requests us to ask her father on Twitter, @AbuAzooz511, “What did you do to Amna?”

The Facebook page reports, “Amna contacted our account on instagram a month ago with her story and we talked to her, but she didnt want it posted back then…. When this video went viral today on twitter we realized its her!”
Amna continues, “I tried to leave outside the country. But I was caught, and sent back to Saudi Arabia. My uncle threatened he was going to kill me as soon as I get back to Saudi Arabia. But I was lucky enough to leave the house before anything bad could happen to me from my father and uncle. My father took all my papers. I couldn’t apply for any of my documents because of the guardianship system. My father is hoping he can find me and kill me, and was actually chasing me when I left home.”

The latest news from Amna’s friends is that she has been arrested and placed in prison in Dar Al Reaya, Saudi Arabia. #dinaali and #saveamna are just two young women among many who suffer for merely wanting to keep their own human dignity and life. Find Amna’s story on Twitter @saveamnaaljuaid and Step Feed. #endmaleguardianship #FreeAmnah #Hope4Women #IslamisTheProblem

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5 Responses to “I am real and I am here”

  1. The only place women are safe in the Middle East is Israel.

  2. Jacqueline Anne Mosco says:

    Dear Anni, how can we go about helping this poor, unfortunate young lady, 22-year-old Amna AlJuaid. She is searching for our help, for anyones help. What can we do? How can we bring her to either the U>S>A or Canada, as she is a true refugee and needs saving right away or she will be killed very soon…..I have never wanted to help someone as much as I want to help her. I have no money to go get her, and even if I did, I would more than likely be killed once in her country as well…..Please Anni, what can we do to help, what can I do?

  3. Bruce Cain says:

    I have never really understood the depths of the subjugation “child brides,” and I suppose all women, undergo in Iran after it became and Islamic Caliphate in 1979. You gave a great speech, by the way, in Dearborn today. I also wanted you to read this specifically as it documents how the US began supporting Al Queda — in fact invented it — in Afghanistan in 1979. It is important to understand this history as well.


    There is also much to be learned from my essay which includes a link to Operation Cyclone:


    It also makes me wonder how prevalent, the abuses you have documented, are happening in Dearborn and other cities with large Muslim populations. At any rate your story needs to get out — it is very important that it does. I would be interested, as I said, to better understand how prevalent the abuses may be here and what you think might be required to stop these practices.

  4. Bruce Cain says:

    After watching the two videos, and a few of yours, it suddenly occurred to me how institutionalized these forms of sexual abuse are. We take it for granted in American that any man, of any worth, would stand up for a young girl being sexually abused by a father, uncle etc. Yet it struck me just how Hellishly Patriarchal Islam can actually be. I mean, rather than having relatives stand up for the poor girl, they use the god dam Koran as a rational to continue the enforcement of the abuse. In other words it is institutionally supported by the Koran, Suras, Hadiths and enforced by the courts. I thought I knew a lot about Islam. I never understood just how insane it must by for girls that are treated with the same reverence you might have in selling a goat. Geeez!

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