Are Hollywood Terror Advocates Above the Law?

Mar 16 • ACU News • 9077 Views • 1 Comment on Are Hollywood Terror Advocates Above the Law?

Desperate Democrats are doing everything in their power to change the game in their favor because they just cannot accept their loss in the most recent presidential election.

Everyone, from politicians to Hollywood big names are playing huge parts in this “Revolution”. The most recent move — the new music video “Lavender” by Snoop Dogg where he pulls the trigger on a “clown” that resembles President Trump.

Not only did he not receive any backlash or legal consequences but he is being praised and hailed a hero by elitist celebrity types, and his ignorant sheeple fans who obviously care nothing for our country and don’t know the meaning of the word respect! Especially his nephew Bow Wow (Shad Moss), and ICE T, Treach, the worst tweet coming from (TI) Omar Ray Suge-Gotti:


No worries though! We true Americans are too busy exposing these ignorant shenanigans and even busier supporting our leader as he makes America great again!!

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One Response to Are Hollywood Terror Advocates Above the Law?

  1. b.a. freeman says:

    this kind of gangsta posturing comes directly from the leftist indoctrination centers (formerly known as schools), where neither of these “gentlemen” were taught critical thinking or respect for the institutions of a free nation. as a free man, the only reason that i respect anything about this nation is because it represents freedom, and protects my freedom. the history of governments coincides with the history of humanity, and that history has been, almost without exception, a litany of mistreatment of the citizens by their governments. history shows that there is little reason to trust a government, but most americans act as though that kind of thing couldn’t happen here. this lack of understanding is not a failure of american education; it is a success of leftist indoctrination. the hard left seized control of american universities in the 1960s, cemented that control in the 1970s, and has been lying to the student body ever since. furthermore, the hard left extended its control down into secondary, and even primary, education; with people learning leftist theology from early childhood, where “lessons” learned are only overcome by extraordinary effort, usually in later adulthood, there should be little surprise that most young adults are leftists at least in name. half the voting public appears to be comfortable with shouting down those with whom they disagree, and find no problem when masked thugs riot to do the same, which is evidence that they are at least nominally leftist, and have no idea what rational discussion entails. with a public this uneducated, i fear for the future of the republic.

    i *usually* disagree with the leaders of the nation, and often rant against their ideas, but still respect the offices they hold, because they hold elected offices and represent americans. for example, i truly believe that mr. obama is the most successful traitor in american history, who has done more damage to our concept of rule by law than all the acts by all the presidents since TR at the beginning of the 20th century, yet i would never think of threatening to do anything to him, let alone kidnap and prostitute his wife. this is because he was elected by the people of the nation to the office of president, and was neither impeached nor tried for treason (and is thus not yet legally deemed a criminal and a traitor). had ms. clinton been elected after him and actually been able to finish the job of ending the rule of law, i would be ready and willing to disrespect – and more – the offices of a dictatorship, but until the people’s republic arises, the office is more than the officeholder.

    sadly, it would appear that the left is more interested in achieving complete and irrevocable control of the government than in any discussion, and is willing to use any means possible to get that control. leftists in our nation look to the “smart people in the room” to decide what to think and do, as they have been taught, rather than reasoning for themselves, and leftist thought leaders obviously do not want a republic to continue. the next decade or so should be interesting.

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