Are Hollywood Terror Advocates Above the Law?

Mar 16 • ACU News • 8171 Views • No Comments on Are Hollywood Terror Advocates Above the Law?

Desperate Democrats are doing everything in their power to change the game in their favor because they just cannot accept their loss in the most recent presidential election.

Everyone, from politicians to Hollywood big names are playing huge parts in this “Revolution”. The most recent move — the new music video “Lavender” by Snoop Dogg where he pulls the trigger on a “clown” that resembles President Trump.

Not only did he not receive any backlash or legal consequences but he is being praised and hailed a hero by elitist celebrity types, and his ignorant sheeple fans who obviously care nothing for our country and don’t know the meaning of the word respect! Especially his nephew Bow Wow (Shad Moss), and ICE T, Treach, the worst tweet coming from (TI) Omar Ray Suge-Gotti:


No worries though! We true Americans are too busy exposing these ignorant shenanigans and even busier supporting our leader as he makes America great again!!

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