The Islamic blueprint-The Call to Prayer

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Recently within the UK, a petition was submitted to Parliament to allow the call to prayer to sound from Mosques all over the UK.  The government responded to the petition, “Anyone wishing to discuss public calls to worship should speak to their local authority.”  The government didn’t respond to the national request for the call to prayer, many Non-Muslims may be mistaken in thinking that this matter is resolved, the rules within Islam do not ascribe to this notion.

Within Islam it is a collective duty for Muslims to strive to establish the call to prayer in the local area. The requirement is a mosque within hearing distance, not every mosque in that locality. Part of the Muslim community are required to make a localised push for the call to prayer, if this is not adhered to, then the responsibility falls upon all, the same rule is required for Jihad.
The call to prayer (In Arabic is Adhan/Azan, which translates to Announcement) is a vocalised order for Muslims to go to prayer. In modern day, loudspeakers are commonly used to announce it, minarets on mosques are required for this purpose, as it is the highest place at the mosque. The call to prayer is always pronounced in Arabic, it is also used for other public announcements, and has been used to announce Jihad in the past, this was a method which started in the days of Muhammad. As most Non-Muslims do not speak Arabic, then this presents an issue from the outset because they will not be able to understand what is being announced.
The call to prayer was established by Muhammad, due people missing prayer, such as forgetting or falling asleep.
The words to the call of prayer are as follows:

Allah is Most Great. Allah is Most Great, Allah is Most Great. Allah is Most Great, I testify that there is no god except Allah, I testify that there is no god except Allah, I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Come to prayer, Come to prayer, Come to success, Come to success, Allah is Most Great, Allah is Most Great, There is no god except Allah

The call to prayer contains the words said in the testification of faith/the Shahada, and the words called out at Islamic Jihad attacks, “Allahu Akbar
There can be slight variations in the words of the call to prayer due to the time it is made.

Within the words of the call to prayer the following is displayed.
1.  The belief that Allah is superior to any other God.
2. Islamic monotheism and no right to worship anyone but Allah, which is the aim of Islam.
3. Everything in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad are to be lived by.
4. An order is made to go to prayer, it not a choice, as prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam which are obligatory.
5. Belief in the superiority of Islam.
The call to prayer is sounded before and at the commencement of prayer at the mosque, at five specified times every day according to the position of the sun. In the summer this starts as early as 3:30-4:00 am and can be as late as 9:30-10 pm in the evening.
This could present issues for people with children and babies, the elderly, people with anxiety, mental health issues or confusion. It will disturb peoples normal sleeping patterns and someone who has not submitted to Islam should not be subject to this noise pollution and the display of Islamic dominance.

There are several arguments presented for allowing the call to prayer. One commonly used is that Christians are allowed to ring church bells. Within Islamic Law it is detailed within Ahl Al Dhimma (Non-Muslim subjects of an Islamic state) Non-Muslims are not permitted to ring church bells, churches aren’t permitted to be built, nor churches repaired. This happens when Muslims have Islamic rule after Non-Muslims have surrendered their rights as equal citizens and live under Islamic rule, paying a personal tax (Jizya) to rent their right to life for one year, and a land tax (Kharaj) to stay in their land. Although Jizya and Kharaj were abolished within the previous Caliphate, the Islamic State have reintroduced Jizya tax in the lands which they have control in.
Using this argument could result in church bells being silenced due to the pressure from Muslims, plus Non-Muslims legitimising their own subjugation, although not through the actions of Islamic law, but through secular law. As the Islamic community grows in strength and numbers, Muslims will gain more power within central and local government, this will see laws being changed to further the growth of power, plus investment from Islam to the local communities to enhance and grow the Islamic community.
This will then see the advent of the call to prayer being widespread across western Non-Islamic lands. Church bells do not sound as often as they previously did in Europe and some are already being silenced, the reason currently given is health and safety violations.
Islam gains strength and power by imposing demands for more “freedom of religion” And this is just one of the tactics used.
The call to prayer is already happening in some areas within the U.K. which have a large Islamic community. Twenty years ago, in a western secular land, this eventuality would have been unheard of. Now the call of prayer request as a widespread national occurrence has been presented to parliament.

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5 Responses to The Islamic blueprint-The Call to Prayer

  1. shari'a-is-retarded says:

    another evidence of the backwards nature of islam. haven’t they discovered ‘phone apps’ yet?

  2. Michel Beaulieu says:

    I can see other religions to counter the mosques call to prayer with their own methods. Instead of stoping the ringing of church bells like many churches have done because it disturbs people (since we live in a world of cry babies) I believe bells should be rung from every church rooftop, just in case a few christians happen to fall asleep before church service. Maybe jewish people can start broadcasting their central prayer that begins with “HEAR O ISRAEL” for their morning and evening prayer service.

    First of all Wasnt it a someone from Medina that came to muhammad and told him that he had a dream, that a human voice should do the call to prayer along with manner on how to do it? Wish he would have dreamed that he heard bells instead! So gullable….Good thing no one listened to my dreams, OMG what a world we would live in. Great article!!

  3. Eva Khvi King says:

    Awsome Job!

  4. Nav says:

    Nailed it! We must fight to silence Islam in our peaceful, civilized societies.

  5. Christy says:

    Hats off to whvoeer wrote this up and posted it.

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