Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran.

Sep 2 • Top 10 • 4258 Views • 3 Comments on Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran.

On this new special edition of Anni Cyrus’s “Top 10”, Anni discusses the Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran, sharing why she is so proud to unveil these facts  today — and why the Mullahs never will.

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3 Responses to Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran.

  1. Heather Anne Smith says:

    Hello I am very impressed by your commitment to spread true facts about the history of your birth nation Iran.
    I have some links to some websites that address how much more equality women had in the times before Iran became Muslim. I find it exceedingly fascinating that women seemed to have a quality n their society comparable to the ancient Celts in Western Europe. The fact that women were allowed to be warriors and generals is infinitely fascinating..
    I hope that a episode or a documentary could be made by you on the Glasove Gang in the future.

  2. Magnolia says:

    Anni,thank you for enlightening he public about the Political Islam.
    I really want to know more details about the burka,veil hijab,etc. There is a lot of propaganda about the topic. The pro Jihad Hamas Linda Sarsour always mentions how proud she feels about what she calls”tradition”.
    As you are better than us aware the Muslim “refugees” are taking over different spheres of the government,including public schools,more and more you find principals and assistant principal who implement under the false to.erance islamic traditions and excuses. Most of teachers see that as normal,others are afraid of speaking out.
    If you can share with us your considerations about Burka, hijab it will be very helpful to us in order to confront rhe political islam,when is nexcesary?
    Thank you!

  3. Hamid Nasiri says:

    And that is exactly why I was smuggled out and couldn’t leave legally… Thanks for proving my point

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