There is only one Islam…

May 15 • LUTF Radio • 4575 Views • 8 Comments on There is only one Islam…

On this new episode of LUTF, Anni Cyrus will get into verses of Quran to prove “Islam” was not hijacked. She will tell her personal story to shed some light on the brainwash system of Islamic sharia law.

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8 Responses to There is only one Islam…

  1. salvador e. osorio says:

    Mrs. Aynaz Anni Cyrus, love your love for freedom. You said you have try to have television network to put you on the big screen for a bigger audience, but they didn’t approve you. Mrs. Cyrus, you don’t full fill their agenda they are pushing. So you are no good for them. You are actually in their way. Please see this video. First play at the 15:00 count for 2 minute, than forward to the 39:00 count. This is how The United States moves forward in Power to full fill the new World order agenda. You don’t fit their agenda. Unless you want to become like them then you will appear in the big screen. One more thing, I believe I mentioned this a few times. Again, look at the symbolism and ideology, the U.S. is Islamic as well. Islamic or Freemasons or Illuminati or Cabalistic or the Vatican is the same thing. While you try to set people free, they deceive people and in one form or another they are put back into the same system, it just has a different face but same evil intentions.

  2. Thomas Hardy says:

    Love hearing about your experiences. I have had many islamic friends in the past and the young men who worked for me went back to middle east “for the cause.” Good friendships but in the end i realized we had different values. A country of people who know God must honour and respect it’s women. This is certain. I think we should never stop immigration from middle east but bring in the oppressed – women, esp., as well as those being persecuted. I have a dream for this. Somehow a program to do this.

    • gray wolf says:

      well your male friends are cowards. and they don’t believe in my God. My GOD would never want harm. This is why it is impossible for Allah and God to be the same. and for Islam to be compatible with modern civilization.

  3. Kyle says:

    Hi, Mrs. Cyrus. It is amazing to be able to comment to you. I first saw you today on the Louder With Crouder podcast and I will say that I have a deep respect for you. Thank you for standing up for what it is right and telling the truth in the world when actual truth is demeaned and slandered as hate speech. You are a true patriot and I am thankful to have seen you today and now I will be a frequent reader of your articles and listener to your podcast. Please, keep speaking the truth about the henious treatment of women within the evil ideology of islam, maybe one day the world will listen and “see with their eyes and hear with their ears” (I don’t know if you are Christian, but I felt that passage was suitable to the cause of the world waking up from the islamic coma it is within). Thank you again for being such a strong and wise person who is not afraid to speak out.

  4. James Daniels says:

    It does my hart good to hear you voice and your cause if you need help send me an email. Before I wade forced into retirement I was a security specialist.

    Now if you would please send me complete details of this live up to freedom challenge?

    Thank you, God bless, be safe, carry on and carry armed.

  5. Thank you for doing this you are doing the right thing! You are an amazing person and I wish you the absolute best, If I can donate to your cause at some point in the future I will do so!

  6. Jeff Krasnostein says:

    Mrs Cyrus why don’t you contact Alex Jones at he will give you plenty of air time I am sure

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