Life of a Woman Under Sharia

May 12 • LUTF Radio • 2191 Views • 3 Comments on Life of a Woman Under Sharia

On this episode Anni shares first-hand experience and knowledge of the true meaning of a woman’s life under Sharia Law.

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3 Responses to Life of a Woman Under Sharia

  1. Nick R. says:

    If you ever get the time, it would be great to have all of the salient points written down on this subject so that we could print out and have at hand the facts, figures, and statistics needed to share with people/loved ones who are on the fence, don’t know/care, or choose to not know about this important subject. Those on the left of the socio- and geo-political spectrum very conveniently wiggle away from this info, yet I’d like to think they can see the light after having a calm, reasoned look at the reality that your facts and stories of reality convey. Thank you for your courage, honesty, and persistence. —Nicholas R.

  2. Barbara Mehr says:

    Please can you answer 0ne question for me, why is it that all the Muslims come here to the USA but they bring the same life over here to try to change us to their Sharia law? Their disrespect to women and they don’t want to better themselves just to spread their evil!!!! It’s like if you have a better life why are you not blending in with us. But no you spread evil!!!

  3. sebastian rooks says:

    If Islam treats women like second class citizens, why does Feminists or womens lib organization side with Islam???? If Islam is a male chauvinist “ideology” what appeals to the FEMINIST?

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