Islam cannot coesxist

May 12 • LUTF Radio • 2017 Views • 2 Comments on Islam cannot coesxist

On this episode three sorvivors of Sharia Law will be telling their concerns of more Muslims in power and the dangers that brings to the west. Special guest are Kaitlyn, a survivor of mass grooming in the UK and Toni Bugle.

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2 Responses to Islam cannot coesxist

  1. Grace C. says:

    Hi, I just have a question: I am American, and culturally it is inappropriate to discuss the failings of Muslims or Sharia Law or anything. Even though we just had that mass shooting in Orlando and MANY others, everyone’s reactions are #NotAllMuslims, etc. My husband and I visited a Mosque in our city for his class and they (of course) behaved like decent people, were very kind etc.

    My question is this: How can I have an intelligent conversation with someone (read: everyone) who believes that a. only Radical Islam is the enemy, and b. there are hardly any Radical Muslims out there? Especially when there are examples of decent Muslims (like those who prayed for the Orlando victims after the attacks, gave blood, etc) that are at least highly visible if not the norm here?

    I want to make educated opinions but what I’m seeing and being told is normal for Muslims is not what I’m hearing from most underground, educated media? How can I reconcile my own experiences with what I am hearing?

    God Bless

  2. Found you via the Crowder YouTube channel.
    VERY eager to dive into the podcasts, you’re a fascinating and very well-spoken person.
    Thanks very much for your bravery, courage, and stubborn refusal to back down in the face of credible threats.
    Do inflammatory statements like “religion of piss” “piss be upon him” “pedophile prophet” etc… upset you?
    Certainly, such sentiments don’t always move the debate forward in the most constructive way, but there must be some method for the completely sane reactions to frankly abhorrent occurrences (like the Orlando massacre, forced marriages, “honor” killings, etc) to be expressed. Don’t you agree?

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