The Unknown: My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out

Sep 25 • The Unknown Show • 2187 Views • 10 Comments on The Unknown: My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out

The new edition, My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out, in which Anni shares her horrific ordeal of trying to escape an abusive forced marriage  in the Islamic Republic.

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10 Responses to The Unknown: My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out

  1. Vicky says:

    So sad. I cannot imagine your ordeal. :'(

  2. Jerome Henen says:

    You are so brave to talk about these experiences Anni.

  3. Roland Davis says:

    I like your informative videos.keep up education us and we will do our part and help get the word out. I promise to share and discuss and help spread the word.
    Thanks Your Friend Roland.

  4. Farhad says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Keep up the great work.

  5. Lennart says:

    How I wish I could do a difference. I share all your posts on facebook..with poor respons. Cause her i Norway, woman dont believ that it is “so bad”.. They walk in 8th of marsh paraids, shouting for one pair of extra workingshoes a yaer. Thats their biggist problem. You are a brave woman. And I admirer you.

  6. Hearing these stories kinda makes me want to go to Iran & teach those men what FAIRNESS is. If I had to go through those situations personally, those abusive beings would all be sedated or/& dead probably for treating ANY BEINGS like they are not free. That probably sounds like a contradiction, but as a “small” sized being if I witnessed the innocent continuously being abused in person as “law”, I’d have to “BREAK” that control system.

  7. […] not take anymore, and I found a chance to slip out of the house, I made my way to the court, where I tried to get a divorce. But in the court, I discovered that under Sharia, because I was a woman, divorce was not legally […]

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