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It was around noon I was just standing in the hallway waiting to be called in the courtroom to hear my ruling. I knew nothing good is going to come out of it but I was just praying and hoping that the judge will somehow give me a lesser punishment. My name got called, I walked in. Judge stared at me for a while and then told me to sit down then he asked “what were you doing with this guy?” I told him “I was just a passenger in his taxi.“ Obviously he didn’t believe me so he just started lecturing me on how what I’m doing is wrong and I will end up in Hell and all those good stuff, anyways he read my sentence and it was 75 lashes.

I started begging him but it didn’t work and they dragged me out of the courtroom and took me back to holding room until I would be transferred back to the detention center where I would serve my sentence.

I was arrested the night before, I was in a taxi going back home from work and when I got in the taxi there were three passengers on the back seat so I went ahead and took a seat in the front and the passengers started getting off one by one and I didn’t bother to move back to the back seat. Few blocks down we got pulled over by the police and they ask us who we were and what was our relationship and even though I was just a passenger and he was just a driver we got arrested for illicit relationship.

when I got to the detention center I requested for a phone call and I call my grandmother (R.I.P) and told her what happened and I asked her to meet me at the court tomorrow morning where they would be transferring me and bring my birth certificate because that was a requirement so she was there in the court. She tried to convince the judge to let us buy the lashes because back in Iran you can. In certain crimes you can pay instead of actually serving your sentence but this judge just didn’t want to let it go.

Moroccan Woman Lashed (40 times) Over Prostitution Charges-08/2014

Moroccan Woman Lashed (40 times) Over Prostitution Charges-08/2014

After I don’t know how long he finally agreed to let us buy 50 of the lashes and the rest of 25 I had to serve. They took me back to the detention center with 3 other girls who were there with me and all got the sentences of lashes (different numbers but same sentence). I was the third one to serve so they took the first girl I think she was maybe 18 or so to the room and closed the door. Few minutes later all I could hear was this shocking screams and then it just went quiet. After about 10 minutes they brought her outside and she was completely out. She was passed out and they took the second girl and before they even get her to the room she started kicking and screaming and begging which was pointless so she got in the room and door closed and I remember I kept thinking “what happens in there? They scream then just quiet? What are they feeling? How bad is it? Who’s doing it and how are they doing it?” All this was going through my mind and I was trying so hard not to go back to crying and begging because it was just pointless, I would lose energy I needed that.

Finally it was my turn so they took me in the room and close the door and asked me to undress so I did and there was this metal table and they asked me to lay down on my stomach, I did then they put a sheet over me and here we go moment of truth. It started, I don’t remember how many I felt but at some point I didn’t feel anything and I don’t remember anything I just opened my eyes and I was home, my grandma was there and I was so heavy. She told me later that I passed out and they just gave me to her to take home with my release papers.

I couldn’t move my upper body for about 4 days and for about a month couldn’t sleep on my back. For the rest of time I was in Iran I never got into a taxi again only buses. Had to make sure.

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3 Responses to No Age Restrictions…

  1. Julie says:

    You are a brave young lady. Shocking how females are treated in islam, shariah law. Keep yelling!

  2. Just gutted… absolutely gutted is the only way I can describe how I am feeling after reading this.
    The inhumane savagery, the merciless brutality, such callous, shocking, and corrupted “people” behind this are evil incarnate.
    One of the worst parts (for me) of being an atheist is knowing that, in all likelihood, there isn’t a hell for these animals to be sent to…
    Wait, let me dial that previous statement back a notch. There’s no need to be so rude and insulting… TO ANIMALS!

  3. frank day says:

    This has nothing to do with religion. It’s just a gang of perverts indulging in their sordid fetishes.

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