Four Wives and One Husband

Sep 10 • Videos • 1483 Views • 1 Comment on Four Wives and One Husband

An intimate portrait of a polygamist family in a rural Iranian village. The intricacies of the relationships between the four wives, their husband, their astoundingly free-spoken mother-in-law and their numerous children. Sometimes humorous and often heartbreaking, this film follows the daily lives of the wives whose situation has turned them into both bitter rivals and co-conspirators against their abusive husband.

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One Response to Four Wives and One Husband

  1. Rob says:

    When the lower aspects of human nature are catered to and supported by culture and country a man such as this will not grow. Those around him will be hurt for their attempt at loving such a man who has little comprehension of the concept.

    His ego out of control creates further harm, and insures he distances himself from inner wisdom. In time perhaps the women will recognize their gain (in spirit) exceeds that of the man they succumb to. A hard learned lesson that will hopefully shine an inner love for themselves that makes them feel more whole with, or without a man. The pearls of wisdom gleaned from such an experience will take their true might with them into eternity forever more. A selfless sacrifice and cycle of motherly love that may hopefully be bypassed in future generations into equality. Hopefully sooner than later.
    Thank you beautiful Anni for sharing.

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