A warning Open Letter…

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A warning Open Letter from Iranian Human Rights and Political Activists to West: ‘Do Not Appease the Iranian Regime’

This Iran deal doesn’t change the human rights situation in Iran.

11822660_10207147295459758_3394796204779002963_nWritten by : Shabnam Assadollahi (Ottawa, Ontario)

Iranian human rights activists warn the West not to give money to the regime that terrorizes them.
In the past few weeks, some Iranian activists have vocally supported the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 (China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, United States and Germany). While we deeply respect the experience and views of these men and women, it is important to hear all perspectives.
We represent another collection of Iranian activists who share the world’s hope for a better future but believe that appeasing the Iranian regime will lead to a more dangerous world.
We have spent our lives advocating for peace, justice and freedom in Iran. We represent a diverse array of Iranians who hope to warn the world of the danger of this regime regardless of how many centrifuges spin in Iran.

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