21 years later…

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1Sorry if my story is a bit confusing on dates and events but it’s been 21 years since it all happened and i may have been a lot scared and may have been drugged
1994, i was 24 my children were 4 and 1 years old and i was miscarrying a third after a row with it’s dad, he punched me in my belly making me lose it
the Muslim man who regularly visited my next door neighbor and seemed OK to talk to started showing an interest and started knocking my door to see if i was OK, over 3 months we’d had many chats over a cuppa, he told me how he was studying law, working part time as a taxi driver and was going to marry a Muslim girl in an arranged marriage.. everything was fine till he suggested a relationship 3 months into the friendship, he seemed to take the refusal OK and suggested he cooked us a curry as a mark of friendship
I can’t remember going to bed that night but early morning the door knocked, thinking it was the postman i answered it, no it wasn’t the postman.. 5 Pakistani Muslims at my door, the first one had his foot in the door stopping me from closing it and said he had a gun and would shoot my kids who were in plain sight if i didn’t let them in, it happened that fast i really had no choice
once in i tried to talk them into leaving but they sat down made themselves at home acting like idiots, one put the news on, something was happening, Saddam Hussein came on, they started chanting and saluting him them grabbed me pulling and pushing me upstairs to the bedroom, i was trying to get through them to get out, they pulled the wardrobe over the door to stop me then took it in turns to rape me
at this point i think i had some sort of nervous break down, about 5 days disappeared from my life and memory, my family were worried and came to see why i hadn’t been round theirs in that time, that’s the only reason i know it was that long, they left soon as my family turned up and police were called
no statements or forensic evidence were took, they assigned me a beat bobby to check on me and collect any information.. they wanted me to log all phone calls they made to me and all the car registrations of cars that came to my house.. i took my phone off the hook got a mobile and recorded all the cars that turned up over the year it took the police to get me and my kids an emergency house move, the copper that was coming to take info also tried it on, i reported him but wasn’t told of that outcome either
for a year me and my kids were living a living hell not knowing what to expect, none of them were done, there’s been no justice at all

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  1. paras sanghvi says:

    The British Authorities Should clamp down on these Moslem Rapists. they should all be hung for doing what they did to this woman

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